Math Education Studies, EdM

If you have substantial math content background, wish to be a leader in math education, aim to teach math nationally or internationally, and are not seeking New York State teaching certification, our math education studies program will provide you the tools necessary to achieve your professional goals.  

Our math education studies program is a part time program, available fully online. It is comprised of 33 credit hours and can be completed in two years. Our master's program in mathematics education focuses on teaching students how to learn mathematics. Our program emphasizes the use of technology in mathematics teaching and learning, and the assessment of students' understanding and performance. 

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Why Math Education Studies at UB?

The features of our program include:

  • Affordability – low cost, 50% less than comparable universities
  • Flexibility – online and on-campus (day and night) courses
  • Quality – respected leaders in mathematics learning and teaching
  • Technology – use of the latest digital resources and tools

Program Overview

Degree granted Master of Education (EdM)
Degree/credentials required for admission Bachelor's degree and minimum 30 hours of content area
Teacher certification granted
Credits required for completion 33
Time to completion 4 to 5 semesters part-time
Program delivery On campus or online
Career opportunities
  • Math teachers in a private, out-of-state, or overseas school setting
  • Instructors in a college setting
  • Researchers and authors
Application deadline Priority Deadlines

Nov. 1, then rolling until Dec. 1
Feb. 1, then rolling until April 15
Feb. 1, then rolling until July 15
Non Teacher Certification

Apply to this program if you have substantial math content background (30 hours of content area minimum) and are not interested in obtaining a recommendation for New York State teaching certification. Students that complete this program without certification may be able teach outside of New York State, both internationally and in their respective states, and within schools that do not require certification.

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University Computing Standards

You are required to have daily access to a reliable broadband connection and a computer that meets university computing standards. You are also expected to have basic computer competency before beginning your coursework.