• Department of Counseling, School and Educational Psychology
    Our department offers an undergraduate minor in counseling and a variety of doctoral and master's degree programs in psychology and counseling specialties. Our graduates become licensed psychologists, mental health counselors and certified school or rehabilitation counselors.
  • Department of Educational Leadership and Policy
    Our department provides a wide range of degree options, including an undergraduate minor, that prepare students for careers as scholars, administrators and policy analysts. Students will develop an understanding of how research, leadership and policy making can improve the quality and practice of education in a rapidly changing world.
  • Department of Information Science
    Our department offers master's degrees in information and library science and in school librarianship, and a PhD in information science. We also offer an advanced certificate designed for master's degree graduates in information and library science who wish to upgrade their competencies or change career directions.
  • Department of Learning and Instruction
    Our department is devoted to educating teachers and conducting research related to all areas of teaching and learning. We offer an undergraduate minor in education, graduate degrees (at both the master's and doctoral levels), advanced certificates and certification programs for teacher education.

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  • Online Education
    Online programs are available in all of our departments. We offer fully online programs leading to master's degrees, doctoral degrees, and advanced certificates, as well as undergraduate minor programs, blended programs and individual courses.
  • Office of Educator Preparation
    Teaching is an immensely rewarding career with potential to shape students’ lives and engage with the communities schools serve. At the Graduate School of Education, we prepare students to be highly-qualified teachers in numerous fields, including high-need certification areas. The Office of Educator Preparation offers the university's initial teacher certification program at the post-baccalaureate level and is dedicated to preparing qualified, committed and caring teachers who can work effectively with students from various cultures with a wide variety of abilities and needs. Our office coordinates the coursework, field experiences and student teaching required for New York State initial teacher certification. In addition to providing the professional knowledge and instructional strategies essential to teaching, our office collaborates with numerous school districts and teachers to prepare preservice teachers to be problem solvers and critical thinkers who strive to self-reflect and improve their teaching.