• How to Apply


    Now that you have selected one of our high-quality programs that fits your needs, take the next step and apply today. See for yourself how rewarding your educational journey can be at UB.

    Follow the steps below to complete the application process:

    Step One: Find and Begin Online Application

    Select the application associated with your program of choice. Each program's application requirements vary — please check the application requirements for your academic program. Once you begin an online application you will be able to save it for future editing and submission.

    Step Two: Gather Transcripts and Supporting Documents

    Transcripts: Upload unofficial transcripts from all previous post-secondary institutions attended. Applicants who are currently enrolled, have studied at, or graduated from UB do not need to request an official UB transcript. 

    Official Test Scores:
    GRE and TOEFL: Use Institution Code 2925
    MAT: Use Recipient Number 1514
    IELTS and PTE: Select "University at Buffalo, The State University of New York"

    Letters of Recommendation: If your program requires letters of recommendation, you will be asked to provide email addresses for each individual providing a recommendation. Please note that your recommenders will receive the electronic request to provide a letter only after you have formally submitted the application.

    Program specific requirements: Check your specific degree program to see if there are additional requirements.

    Former Maiden Name: Please be sure to provide us with your former/maiden name if you have one. When requesting transcripts, please ask the sending institution to indicate your current name and former/maiden name.

    Special Note About Felony Offenses

    The University at Buffalo Graduate School of Education (GSE) supports the State University of New York Board of Trustees’ decision to remove application questions asking about prior felony convictions. While applicants to the University who have a felony offense in their background no longer have to report that information prior to receiving an offer of admission, GSE students participating in clinical or field experience, internships, or study abroad programs must declare a prior felony conviction prior to matriculation.

    Please note: A prior felony conviction may impede your ability to complete the requirements of your program and/or to meet the licensure requirements for certain professions. If you are responding yes to the above question, a campus committee will review this information (and may request additional information) and will provide your accepting department with guidance as to potential challenges in securing a field placement, depending on the nature of the charges. If students are unable to successfully complete field education requirements it will result in dismissal from the program.

    Step Three: Submit Online Application and Supporting Documents

    Once you have completed the online application and uploaded all of the required supporting documents (transcripts, personal statement, test scores, etc.), please submit your application for formal review.

    We have a paperless application and admission review process. All supporting application materials and documents should be uploaded directly to your online application account. Any materials submitted to the Office of Graduate Admission become the property of the Graduate School of Education and cannot be returned to you.

    Step Four: Pay Application Fee

    Once you have formally submitted your application, you will be redirected to our Epay system and prompted to submit a non-refundable application fee. 

    Ready for review

    Once you have completed and submitted your online application, a member of the graduate admission staff will review your file to confirm that all required materials have been received.

    Step Five: Receive Admission Decision

    Throughout the admission process you can log in and check your application status. Faculty members in each department evaluate completed applications and make admission decisions. You will be notified whether or not you have been offered admission; if you are offered admission, your notification will generally include information regarding any associated offer of financial assistance or support.

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