Literacy Education Studies, EdM

If you currently teach or plan on teaching and want to learn more about developmental reading, and are not seeking New York State teaching certification, our literacy education studies program will provide you with the tools necessary to achieve your professional goals. Our program will expand your knowledge of the theories, methods, and materials of reading, reading instruction, language, language instruction and reading assessment, enabling you to develop competencies that will enrich students’ capabilities.

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Why Literacy Education Studies at UB?

Upon completion of this program, you will be able to design, develop and evaluate authentic learning experiences that incorporate digital tools and resources as well as demonstrate:

  • An understanding of literacy as a complex process that will explore the needs of all students
  • An ability to transform subject matter in ways that honor the content and students at hand
  • A thorough background knowledge in subject matter content, reflecting an understanding of theoretical and evidence-based foundations of reading, writing, speaking and listening processes and instruction
  • A knowledge of planning, guiding, and assessing learning, using varied and responsive instructional approaches, practices and materials

Program Overview

Academic credential granted Master of Education (EdM)
Degree/credentials required for admission Bachelor's degree
Teacher certification granted
Credits required for completion 30
Time to completion 4 to 5 part-time semesters

2 to 3 full-time semesters, if course scheduling allows
Program delivery On campus or online
Career opportunities
  • Adult literacy coaches
  • Elementary/secondary education reading teachers in a private or overseas school setting
  • English as a second language (ESL) teachers in a private or overseas school setting
  • Reading specialists in a private or overseas school setting
  • Special education and remedial reading educators in a private or overseas school setting

Application deadline

Priority Deadlines
Spring: Nov. 1, then rolling until Jan. 10
Summer: Feb. 1, then rolling until May 10
Fall: Feb. 1, then rolling until Aug. 10

Literacy Programs

Did you know? We offer three master's programs, a doctoral program concentration and an advanced certificate.

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