Certification Requirements for Initial and Initial/Professional Teacher Education Programs

Students who complete our initial or initial/professional teacher education programs are eligible to receive initial certification through the New York State Education Department (NYSED) Approved Teacher Preparation Program pathway. In addition to program completion, there are other NYSED requirements for initial certification, including fingerprinting, workshops and a set of New York State Teacher Certification Exams (NYSTCE).

Completion of the program in which you are enrolled may only lead to a University at Buffalo recommendation for the issuance of an initial teacher certificate in that content area. If you are applying for teacher certificates in other areas of certification, you should contact the New York State Education Department and/or the certification officer at your local BOCES.

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All fingerprinting required by NYSED for certification or employment in schools must be scheduled with IdentoGO. Students must complete fingerprinting prior to enrollment in school-based clinical experiences (i.e. LAI 667 Field Experience).


All applicants for initial teacher certification in New York State must complete the following workshops. You are required to submit proof of workshop completion to the Office of Educator Preparation as a part of LAI 667 Field Experience.

New York State Teacher Certification Exams (NYSTCE)

NYSED requires certificate applicants to take and pass a set of NYSTCE. Each link brings you directly to the NYSTCE webpage that provides information about the exam structure and content, a preparation guide and how to register for the exam.

EAS tests professional and pedagogical knowledge and skills necessary for effectively teaching all New York State students.

Each certification area has its own CST.

Students in the teacher education program typically complete these exams during the academic year that includes the field experience and student teaching sequence. There is no specific exam preparation that the program provides, but instead students are well-positioned to pass the exams through the knowledge and skills they have developed, as well as through thoughtful preparation for the exams that includes reviewing the available exam support information.

Completion of NYSTCE

Successful completion of NYSTCE is not required for completion of the teacher education program, but is required for the issuance of the initial teacher certificate.

Institutional Recommendation

After degree conferral, you should submit the following documents to the Office of Educator Preparation to receive a UB recommendation for a teacher certificate:

  1. Application for Institutional Recommendation
  2. Official UB transcript

Documents must be sent to:

Office of Educator Preparation
375 Baldy Hall
Buffalo  NY  14620-1000