Certification Requirements

In our teacher education program, two tracks are available if you are seeking an initial teacher certificate to begin teaching in public schools in New York State: initial and initial/professional. Options are also available if you are seeking a master's degree to advance your initial certificate to a professional certificate in the same content area. Explore our track options, including certification areas and the related coursework within each.

New York State Teacher Certification Exams (NYSTCE)

In order to be issued a New York State initial teacher certificate, the New York State Education Department (NYSED) requires certificate applicants to take and pass a set of NYSTCE.

For those who complete all certification requirements and apply for the issuance of the initial teacher certificate on or after May 1, 2014, the required NYSTCE are as follows.

Each link brings you directly to the NYSTCE webpage that provides information about the exam structure and content, as well as how to register and prepare for the exam.

Students in the teacher education program typically complete these exams during the academic year that includes the field experience and student teaching sequence. There is no specific exam preparation that the program provides, but instead students are well-positioned to pass the exams through the knowledge and skills they have developed, as well as through thoughtful preparation for the exams that includes reviewing the available exam support information.

For the edTPA, which is completed in association with student teaching, the program does provide access to the edTPA handbooks (these are considered proprietary information that we are not permitted to distribute publically, but can distribute directly to program students and faculty/staff) and other sources of support throughout coursework and into the student teaching experience.

Information regarding the performance of teacher education program completers on the NYSTCE is available within this document: NYSTCE Performance Summary.

Completion of NYSTCE

Successful completion of NYSTCE is not required for completion of the teacher education program, but is required for the issuance of the initial teacher certificate.