Higher Education, PhD

Our doctoral program in higher education will prepare you for a variety of professional paths, including leadership positions in college and university administration, higher education faculty and policy research. Our program focuses on issues of concern to scholars and leaders in all types of higher education institutions. Given the variety of positions that you can pursue post-graduation, your advisor will work individually with you to craft a course of study and pursue experiences that will help you meet your individual goals.

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Why Higher Education at UB?

The features of our program include:

  • application of theory and research methods to the study of higher education
  • emphasis on interdisciplinary work that allows researchers to develop new insights for the scholarship of higher education
  • flexible curriculum that allows you to concentrate on areas of special interest
  • focus on the broad foundations and contexts, as well as the critical contemporary issues of higher education
  • frequent and close collaboration with prominent faculty, knowledgeable professionals and community leaders
  • strategic links with Western New York's 32 two- and four-year colleges and universities, numerous school districts and other educational settings that offer abundant research, practice and professional opportunities

Program Overview

Academic credential granted Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)
Credits required for completion 72
Time to completion 4 to 5+ years
Course delivery On campus
  • senior college and university leadership
  • mid-career higher education administrator
  • faculty in higher education
  • researcher for local, state and federal education policy organizations
Application deadline Jan. 1

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University Computing Standards

You are required to have daily access to a reliable broadband connection and a computer that meets university computing standards. You are also expected to have basic computer competency before beginning your coursework.