Research Projects

At UB, our research is designed to make a measurable impact on the communities we serve, whether we’re helping to improve math skills for girls right here in Buffalo, or addressing achievement gaps nationwide. We invite you to learn more about the current research projects within the Graduate School of Education.

  • 10/3/18
    This project started with the premise that public education is central to solving many national and global challenges and that scientific research should inform educational policy decisions. Rapid social changes induced by a knowledge-based economy, globalization, immigration and technological advances make many of the current school reform efforts outdated and ineffective to meet tomorrow’s societal needs.
  • 1/10/18
    The City Voices, City Visions project, a partnership between UB and the Buffalo Public Schools, provides teachers in grades 6-12 with innovative approaches to integrating digital video arts and communication technologies into the curriculum to better enable students to achieve challenging academic standards. Thus far, more than 100 teachers have received professional development, and their students are producing videos on a wide range of subjects, from social studies and science concepts to book trailers for novels. This unique project, sponsored by the John R. Oishei Foundation, aims to increase student achievement.
  • 11/26/19
  • 1/25/18
    Over the past decade, research universities and funding agencies have vigorously encouraged research that works towards solving pressing and large-scale problems related to education in an increasingly diverse and unequal society. It is widely accepted that such research often demands broad-based research teams that are multi-disciplinary and employ a range of research methods from the social sciences. Constructing and actualizing such broad-based teams both within and across universities increasingly demands that scholars leverage institutional support to pursue external federal, state and/or private foundation funding and work across disciplinary and methodological boundaries to accomplish their goals.
  • 7/30/21
    Musical sounds surround a child, even before the moment of birth. Whether a child is listening to music, singing a song, or moving creatively to the sounds around them, music is a vital part of a child’s life. Young children often create music as a part of their play experiences, thus sustaining imagination and creativity. Furthermore, music enables children to express feelings and release energies and emotions in new and novel ways.
  • 1/10/18
    The mission of NLG is the advancement of knowledge about and innovative uses of multimodal literacies in the context of an increasingly diverse society.
  • 7/30/21
    The Satsanga Center for Wellness and Positive Psychology is dedicated to research that helps those who struggle with eating, the experience of their body, and, for some, eating disorders. The website is here to share with others some of the work and to encourage all to continue to work toward wellness, connectedness, and the authentic experience of self.
  • 7/30/21
    The UB Summer Math Program is a free math camp open to girls in and around the Buffalo area who are entering grades 4 to 10. Through project-based learning (PBL), our program provides opportunities for students to explore and question mathematics, and to develop problem-solving skills and conceptual understandings — all while having fun.
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