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Stephanie S. Fredrick

Stephanie S. Fredrick

Associate Director, Alberti Center for Bullying Abuse Prevention

Assistant Professor


Specialty/Research Focus

Bullying; Child and Adolescent Development; Mental Health; Social and Emotional Development

Contact Information
409 Baldy Hall
North Campus
Phone: (716) 645-1141

Professional Summary:

Stephanie Fredrick, PhD, NCSP is an Assistant Professor and Associate Director of the Dr. Jean M. Alberti Center for the Prevention of Bullying Abuse and School Violence at the University at Buffalo, State University of New York. Broadly, her research aims to investigate the relations among bullying behavior and social-emotional well-being among youth and how schools, families, and communities can prevent bullying and promote protective factors and resiliency among youth. Bullying behavior is complex and involves children's individual characteristics and larger social contexts; thus, her research program is grounded in the social-ecological framework. Dr. Fredrick is especially interested in school-based preventative and protective factors, including social support, school climate, and social-emotional learning practices. More recently, her research has focused cyberbullying prevention, media use, and digital citizenship skills. Another focus of her research focuses on evidence-based assessment of social-emotional behavior, including universal social-emotional screening in schools.

Education and Training:
  • PhD, Northern Illinois University, School Psychology (2015)
  • MA, Northern Illinois University, School Psychology (2012)
  • BS, Grand Valley State University, Psychology, Statistics (2008)
Awards and Honors:
  • New Faculty Academy Fellow; University at Buffalo, SUNY; 2019-12-20;
  • Reviewer of the Year; Journal of School Psychology; 2018-02-15;
  • Early Career Scholar; School Psychology Research Collaboration Conference, Society for the Study of School Psychology; 2017-08-01;
Recent Publications:
Journal Article:
  • Fredrick, S. S., Jenkins, L., & Dexter, C. (2021). Resiliency in young adulthood and associations among retrospective peer victimization and internalizing problems. Journal of Child & Adolescent Trauma. Advance online publication.
  • Fredrick, S. S., McClemont, A., Jenkins, J., & Kern, M. (2021). Perceptions of emotional and physical safety among boarding students and associations with school bullying. School Psychology Review. Advance online publication.
  • Fredrick, S. S., Nickerson, A. B., & Livingston, J. (2021). Family support and the relations among peer victimization and depression: A random intercepts cross-lagged model. Development and Psychopathology. Advance online publication.
Book Chapter:
  • Fredrick, S. S., Jenkins, L., & Dexter, C. (2020). Defenders. In L. Rosen, S. Scott, & S. Kim (Eds.), Bullying in My Eyes: Understanding the Vantage Point of the Bully, Victim, and Bystander. London, United Kingdom: Palgrave Macmillan.
  • Kim, S., & Fredrick, S. S. (2020). North America commentary. In T. Yuichi & O. Insoo (Eds.), Tackling Internet Abuse and Cyberbullying: Innovative Usage of Games, Apps, and Manga. New York: Routledge.
Recent Presentations:
Invited Lectures:
  • Fredrick, S. S. (2020, December). Cyberbullying in the age of COVID-19: Overview and Implications for Practice. Presentation via zoom for Children’s Psychiatry Clinic, John R. Oishei Children's Hospital, Buffalo, NY.;
  • Fredrick, S. S. (2021, April). Cyberbullying and Social Media Use: Strategies for Prevention and Intervention. Presentation via GoToMeeting for webinar hosted by the State University of New York at Canton.;
  • Coyle, S., Fredrick, S. S., McClemont, A., & Masia, C. (2021, February). Teacher preparedness in addressing cyberbullying: Implications for practice. Paper presented virtually at the National Association of School Psychologists Annual Convention.;
  • Fredrick, S. S., Nickerson, A., Allen, K., & Jenkins, L. (2020, August). Social emotional learning practices in schools: Effects on perceptions of bullying victimization. In C. Yang (Chair), Advancing Bullying Prevention Research Through the Lens of School-Wide Social Emotional Learning. Symposium conducted via zoom at the American Psychological Association Convention, Washington, D.C.;
  • McClemont, A., & Fredrick, S. S. (2021, February). Do race and ethnicity influence teacher ratings of ADHD symptoms? Poster presented virtually at the National Association of School Psychologists Annual Convention.;
Recent Grants:
  • The protective role of social support and the relations among cyber and traditional victimization, depression, and suicidal ideation.; Foundation and Research Organization; Society for the Study of School Psychology Dissertation Grant Award; Awarded; (11/26/2013-05/14/2015)
  • Tier one consultation services: Gaps in mental health.; Local; Midland Area Community Foundation; Awarded; (01/01/2018-07/31/2019)
Recent Activities:
Editorial and Review:
  • Associate Editor, Journal of School Psychology
  • Editorial Board Member, School Psychology
  • Editorial Fellow, School Psychology

Contact Information

409 Baldy Hall
North Campus
Phone: (716) 645-1141