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Sunha Kim

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Specialty/Research Focus

Curriculum and Instruction; Big Data; Access and Equity; Achievement; Assessment; Digital Innovations; Digital Media and Learning; Diversity; Design and Analysis of Longitudinal Research; Design Experiments; Mathematics Education; Educational Policy; Immigrant Issues; Evaluation; Gamification; Large-Scale Assessment and Research; Race, Inequality, and Education; Psychometrics; Online and Distance Learning; Professional / Staff Development; Quantitative Research Methods; Research Design; Research Methods; Statistical Methods and Applications in Statistical Issues; School and District Reform

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423 Baldy Hall
North Campus
Phone: 716-645-1127

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Professional Summary:

Dr. Kim, a dedicated faculty member, holds two PhD degrees in Instructional Design and Technology (IDT) and Educational Statistics. Her research efforts have aimed to integrate IDT and Educational Statistics, with a particular focus on equity, diversity, and inclusion, resulting in a publication record of approximately 40 papers in reputable peer-reviewed journals. These publications have been recognized within the academic community, accumulating over 2,000 citations on Google Scholar and an h-index of 19 for overall.

Among her publications are the following examples: Kim, S., Rosenblith, S., Chang, Y., & Pollack*, S. (2020). Will ICMT Access and Use Support URM Students’ Online Learning in the (Post) COVID-19 Era? Sustainability, 12(20), 8433. (SSCI Index Impact Factor: 3.251; 5-year: 3.473; * represents a student co-author); Kim, S. & Faith, M. S. (2020). Cyberbullying and ICT uses for immigrant youths: Serial multiple-mediator SEM analysis. Children and Youth Services Review, 110, 104621. doi: 10.1016/j.childyouth.2019.104621 (SSCI Index Impact Factor: 2.393; 5-year: 1.870); Kim, S. (2018). ICT for children of immigrants: Indirect and total effects via self-efficacy on math performance. Journal of Educational Computing Research, 55(8), 1168-1200. (SSCI Index Impact Factor: 3.088; 5-year: 2.909).

Dr. Kim's research accomplishments have been supported by external funding, with grants totaling $1,284,424. She has also made valuable contributions as an evaluator and consultant for additional grants totaling $3,770,632. Notably, her studies funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF) and Committee For Children have resulted in seven published papers and multiple presentations.

Collaboration has been a key aspect of Dr. Kim's work, and she has actively engaged in collaborative research resulting in several impactful publications. For instance, she collaborated with Prof. Meier, S. on the paper "Meta-Regression Analyses of Relationships Between Burnout and Depression With Sampling and Measurement Methodological Moderators," published in the Journal of Occupational Health Psychology (2022), an esteemed APA journal with an Impact Factor of 7.365.

Moreover, Dr. Kim has demonstrated a steadfast commitment to the success of her students. Recently, she provided invaluable support to her advisees, leading to their timely graduation and impressive achievements. Notably, one of her advisees received numerous accolades and scholarships, including the UB Excellence in Research, Scholarship, and Creativity award, the Delbert Mullens Thinking Outside the Box Award and scholarship, and the GSE Excellence in Research award.

Dr. Kim's contributions to research, grant funding, collaborative efforts, and student mentorship are driven by her unwavering dedication to advancing the fields of Instructional Design and Technology and Educational Statistics. Her commitment to promoting equity, diversity, and inclusion remains at the forefront of her work.

Education and Training:
  • PhD, Virginia Tech, Educational Research and Evaluation (2014)
  • PhD, Virginia Tech, Curriculum and Instruction (Instructional Design and Technology) (2009)
Awards and Honors:
  • Dean's Apple Award; GSE/UB; 2023-05-12;
  • 3rd Place of the Short Paper Award: Professional Development Opportunity, Digital Skills, and BIPOC Professionals’ Decision to Leave: A Serial Multiple-Mediator SEM Model (Bright, K., Kim, S., VanScoy, A., & Colón-Aguirre, M.); Association for Information Science & Technology (ASIS&T); 2022-08-31;
  • IEEE Connecting the Unconnected (CTU) Challenge Prize: Technical Proof of Concept 2nd Place (Malandra, F., Mastronarde, N., Kim, S., Guan, Z., &, Saberi, H. ); IEEE (IEEE’s entire Technical Program Committee and CTU Selection Committee); 2021-10-29;
  • Exceptional Doctoral Mentor; LAI-GSA, Graduate School of Education, UB; 2019-04-26;
  • STAR Faculty Award for Teaching Excellence; Graduate School of Education (GSE); 2018-05-04;
Recent Publications:
Journal Article:
  • Kim, S., Kim, T., & Nickerson, A (2023). The longitudinal impact of Second Step Child Protection Unit on Children: Gender as a Moderator. Journal of Child Sexual Abuse (JCSA) (SSCI Index Impact Factor: 2.189; 5-year: 2.287) (This paper is from a Grant activity, the Committee for Children, Seattle, WA)
  • Meier, S. T., & Kim, S. (2022). Meta-regression analyses of relationships between burnout and depression with sampling and measurement methodological moderators. Journal of Occupational Health Psychology, 27(2), 195. (SSCI Index Impact Factor: 7.365; 5-Year: 7.150, APA Journal)
  • Depner*, R., Cook-Cottone, C., & Kim, S. (2020). Structural Relationship between Mindful Self-Care, Meaning Made, and Palliative Worker´s Quality of Life. International Journal of Stress Management. (SSCI Index Impact Factor: 3.387; 5-year: 4.043, APA Journal: This paper is an extension of a student’s dissertation)
  • Kim, S., Rosenblith, S., Chang, Y., & Pollack*, S. (2020). Will ICMT Access and Use Support URM Students’ Online Learning in the (Post) COVID-19 Era?. Sustainability, 12(20), 8433. (SSCI Index, Impact Factor: 3.251; 5-year: 3.473)
  • Kim, S., VanScoy, A., & Crabtree*, A. (2023). Retaining LIS Professionals of Color: Examining Job Survival through Survival Analysis. Proceedings of the Association for Information Science and Technology, 60(1), 1010-1012. (This proceeding is from a Grant activity, IMLS grant [RE-250087-OLS-21].)
Recent Presentations:
  • Kim, S., Ding*, W., Koury, S., & Small, S (2024, May). The Impact of the Metagenomics Education Partnership Project on Students: Self-Efficacy, Science-Identity, and Sense of Belonging. Paper to Present at the NIH SciEd 2024 Conference, Salt Lake City, Utah.;
  • Kim, S., Martin*, P., Rosenblith, S., Gorlewski, J., Winkelsas, A., & Etopio, E (2024, April). The Impact of a Teacher Residency Program on Students With Teacher Ethnicity as a Moderator. Paper Presented at the AERA 2024 Annual Conference, Philadelphia, PA.;
  • Kim, S., Martin*, P., Rosenblith, S., Gorlewski, J., Winkelsas, A., & Etopio, E (2024, April). The Impact of Teacher Residency Pathways on Student-Level Outcomes. Symposium: Answerability, Urgency, and Joy: Revitalizing and Reinvigorating Teacher Education Through Residency (Chair: Rosenblith, S.). Paper Presented at the AERA 2024 Annual Conference, Philadelphia, PA. (This presentation is from the TQP and Cullen Foundation grants);
  • McFadzean*, J., Reynolds, A., & Kim, S. (2021). Examining the Link between Racial Identity Attitudes and Racial Psychological Trauma for Black Individuals. Round Table Presented at the AERA 2021 Annual Conference.;
  • Kim, S., Nickerson, A. & Kim, T. (2020, Accepted). The Role of Teacher Training in Explaining Teacher and Student Outcomes: Multilevel SEM Analysis. Accepted at the AERA 2020 Annual Conference, San Francisco. (Grant from the Committee for Children, Seattle, WA);
Recent Grants:
  • The Metagenomics Education Partnership: Harnessing the Power of Microbial Genome Sequencing and Big Data with High School Students and Teachers. Kim as a Co-PI.; Federal; National Institutes of Health (NIH); Awarded; (06/01/2022-05/31/2025)
  • OVERCOME: Connectivity for Underserved Communities – Buffalo Project. Awarded from NSF/US-IGNITE (CNS-2044448). Kim, S. as a Principal Investigator (PI).; Federal; NSF/US-IGNITE (CNS-2044448); Awarded; (11/09/2021-05/31/2022)
  • Using Survival Analysis to Identify Opportunities for Retention of Librarians of Color. Kim, S. as a Co-PI.; Federal; Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS); Awarded; (09/01/2021-08/31/2024)
  • Citizen Science Teachers: University at Buffalo (UB) Noyce Residency Scholars. Kim as an evaluator.; Federal; NSF; Awarded; (07/01/2021-06/30/2026)
  • OVERCOME: Internet service delivered via CBRS to the historic and under-resourced Fruit Belt neighborhood near the Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus. Kim, S. as a Co-Principal Investigator (Co-PI); NSF/US-IGNITE and Schmidt Futures; Awarded; Federal; NSF/US-IGNITE and Schmidt Futures; Awarded; (04/01/2021-06/30/2022)
Recent Activities:
Professional Service:
  • Reviewer for the Annual Conference of the Association for Information Science and Technology (ASIS&T)
  • Chair for an AERA 2021 Division E symposium
  • Member, Project OVERCOME Measurement/Evaluation team: Information available at

Contact Information

423 Baldy Hall
North Campus
Phone: 716-645-1127

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