Research Centers, Institutes and Labs

Through UB’s dedicated research facilities and resources, we are focused on solving some of education’s most complex challenges, and providing opportunities for all. Here, you will find multidisciplinary teams working together in pursuit of extraordinary results.

The Alberti Center for Bullying Abuse Prevention will reduce bullying abuse in schools and in the community by contributing knowledge and providing evidence-based tools to effectively change the language, attitudes and behaviors of educators, parents, students and society.
The Graduate School of Education has several programs, centers, institutes, and scholarly initiatives for students and visiting scholars wishing to study education in its international, comparative, and global contexts. The most internationally and comparatively focused are the general master's and the PhD in the social foundations of education with concentrations in comparative and global studies in education. These programs are housed within the Department of Educational Leadership and Policy. The department also offers a general master's, as well as the PhD and the EdD in educational administration, and the PhD in higher education, as well as the master's and PhD in social foundations with concentrations in the sociology or history of education. Many of the international students—or US students with international interests—take these degree programs, but buttressed with courses from the international/comparative/global program.
CLaRI, the Center for Literacy and Reading Instruction, is an established reading center at the University at Buffalo and has been providing reading services to Western New York since 1963. We are a community resource for the assessment of children’s literacy development and individualized reading instruction, as well as literacy research center.
The Center on Rehabilitation Synergy (CRS) provides organizational development (OD) and human resource development (HRD) initiatives, projects and activities for rehabilitation organizations and individual programs across the country. CRS focuses on improving the skills of rehabilitation personnel, advocates and consumers; and providing effective rehabilitation services to individuals with disabilities. Through close partnerships with national, state and local entities, CRS promotes meaningful employment outcomes, consumer choice and control, and increased independence for individuals with significant disabilities.
The English Language Institute, founded in 1971 and a unit of the Graduate School of Education of the University at Buffalo (UB), offers English language instruction, cultural orientation and pre-academic training to international students, scholars and professionals on an intensive and per-course basis.
The Early Childhood Research Center conducts cutting edge research exploring the development of cognition, language, social/emotional connections, physical skills, and perception in the first few years of life.
The mission of GMP is to challenge able students in the same way that standard school curricula challenge average and above average students. The emphasis is not on the development of professional mathematicians, but rather on providing strong mathematical background for students who may pursue future university work in mathematics, other sciences, or the humanities.
Our Neurocognition Science Laboratory is a world-class research facility designed to investigate the massive changes in brain and behavior during learning, across the lifespan. Research associates conduct studies using tools from neuroscience, psychology, education and computer science.
The University at Buffalo's Open Education Research Lab's core mission is to actively engage and support the study of SUNY’s Open Education efforts. We provide consultation and research to the plethora of SUNY Open Educational efforts, with the aim of developing research that creates a better understanding and improvement of Open Education.
UB Summer Music Education Institute offers tools you need to be an extraordinary music educator! We have a variety of offerings for teachers and professionals, as well as for graduate students. Come for a great summer of learning at UB. Don't miss out on an excellent opportunity to learn and network with new colleagues who share a similar passion for teaching music.
Teaching is an immensely rewarding career with potential to shape students’ lives and engage with the communities schools serve. At the Graduate School of Education, we prepare students to be highly-qualified teachers in numerous fields, including high-need certification areas. The Teacher Education Institute (TEI) offers the university's initial teacher certification program at the post-baccalaureate level and is dedicated to preparing qualified, committed and caring teachers who can work effectively with students from various cultures with a wide variety of abilities and needs. TEI coordinates the coursework, field experiences and student teaching required for New York State initial teacher certification. In addition to providing the professional knowledge and instructional strategies essential to teaching, TEI collaborates with numerous school districts and teachers to prepare preservice teachers to be problem solvers and critical thinkers who strive to self-reflect and improve their teaching.