Student Publications

All of the students enrolled in the University at Buffalo's Gifted Education Advanced Graduate Certificate program get the opportunity to write and publish a children's book on gifted or twice gifted children. Each student selects an advocacy topic of choice supporting gifted children and their education. Under the expert guidance and supervision of Dr. Rosemary Callard Szulgit, each student writes and publishes their story. Upon completion of the program, our Gifted Education graduates carry pride and a wonderful sense of accomplishment personally and professionally for the rest of their lives.  A majority of students say writing and publishing a book was one of the most challenging and equally thrilling experiences of their lives.

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An Education for Emily

Author:  Kim Rockwell

This story tells the tale of a mother and father who team with a determined principal and gifted and talented specialist to implement a gifted and talented program in Emily's school and district.

Beyond the Boy

Author:  Esther Romero

This is a story about a boy trying to be successful in school while accepting the fact that he is different from his peers.

Camp Birchbark

Author:  Scott Stickney

In the summer of 1963, after the sudden death of his father, Jake Warren’s mother sends him to camp in the heart of the Adirondack Park where he befriends three campers who are misfits in their own homes and schools as well.

Estella, the EXTRAORDINARY Girl

Author: Jaclyn Sharoni

Estella can't wait to start Kindergarten. She loves to read and learn. But, school isn't everything she thought it would be. Luckily, Estella's teacher, Mrs. Gold, comes up with a plan.

Feeling Forgotten

Author:  Nancy Bracht

Feeling Forgotten is the story of a nine-year-old girl's plight of having Asperger's Syndrome and being intellectually gifted. Travel with her on emotional roller coasters through school and home as she struggles with feelings of neglect and frustration.

Gifted at Play

Author:  Rohan Patrick

Gifted at play is about the gifted learner play and interaction with school age peers.


Author: Amy Donovan

Gilbert is excited to begin kindergarten. That is, until something awful happens - he is BORED! Find out how a team of caring and educated professionals and adults come together to foster his aptitude and love of learning to allow him to follow his passion.

I Am Fine Just The Way I Am

Author: Stacey Katz

This books is about Rachel a twice exceptional student who is gifted and has Aspergers syndrome.

Janie's Discovery

Author:  Nicole Nigro

This is a story about a gifted young girl who struggles with issues surrounding her giftedness.

Mary Matters.
Mary Matters

Author:  Denise Farrelly

Mary is a gifted student, but her teacher doesn't notice because she's so busy all the time. Until Mary decides to speak up for herself.

Millie's Adventures

Author:  Andrea Edwards

Millie's Adventures is a short story with chapters that illustrate a particular way of thinking that can be used with students in primary and elementary grades to teach them to open their minds to different ways of thinking.

Mollie Shares Her Gifts

Author:  Lauren Hager

Mollie Mollison is a gifted puppy who learns how to share and to help her classmates learn.

My Adventures in a cozy Corner: The Superhero Adventures of a Gifted 1st Grader with Aspergers

Author:  Jessica Conter

Jamie is a gifted 1st grader who is struggling with Aspergers. Jamie has a hard time working with a partner during math workshop. However, when sent to the cozy corner in the classroom, Jamie becomes a superhero as a coping strategy.

My Mother Always Said

Author:  Antonia Fountoulis

A little boy in a gifted and talented class, struggles to gain acceptance from his over bearing mother. Join him on his journey to gain approval from his mother. 

Perfect Ms. Molly.
Perfect Ms. Molly

Author:  Stefania Morelli

Ms. Molly is a second grade teacher who is a perfectionist. Throughout the course of her day with her students, many situations arise in which Ms. Molly shows her perfectionist traits. Soon, it seems as if these traits are rubbing off on Janie, one of her students. When Ms. Molly sees this, she decides she must help Janie, until Janie begins to point out all of the same characteristics in Ms. Molly.

Posey Pepper Pot

Author:  Jean-Marie Reader

Posey Pepper-Pot is a gifted little flower who looks forward to kindergarten. However, her first years of school are frustrating and disappointing, as she has yet to meet a teacher who nurtures her gifts.

Practice Doesn't Always Make Perfect and That's OK!

Author:  Jessica Richardson

This is the story of 6-year-old Winston and his occupational therapist, Mrs. Rose, who helps him understand that it's okay to make mistakes.

Smart Friends

Author:  Linda St. George

Lucy helps her friend Katie learn that everyone is important, even if they're not a genius.

Swindler Sam and the Power Boxes

Author: Andrea Yawman

Swindler Sam slithers into town and tries to sell exotic boxes by misleading children into thinking that the boxes contain special powers. The students discover that they already possess the power they need to effect change and find joy in their lives.

T is for Talking

Author:  Lee Tennenbaum

T is for Talking focuses around a teacher trying to teach in a classroom where the children never stop talking. What she discovers about her children and herself changes her outlook on teaching forever.

The Perfect Campaign

Author:  Amy Zidel

When Kate Berk, a twice-exceptional fifth-grade student, runs for class president, she is worried she will lose against Billy Thompson, the smartest student in class.

The Silver Birch

Author:  Sarah Averill McFadden

A story in pictures of a gifted child learning to accept that her differences make her unique.

The Trouble with Being Special

Author:  Erin Muffler

A gifted girl is sent in the hallway to read a book while the rest of her class had reading time. Bored, she decides to go for a swing. After swinging so high she reaches the sky, she has several adventures in outer space.

Tiana's Talents

Author: Stephanie Waring

Tiana moves to America after spending her beginning years in China. She faces some struggles as an ESL student, but she is able to express herself through her gifted talents in art. 

Tracy's Triumph

Author:  Saveria Masaracchio

This books tells the touching story about a young gifted child dealing with dyslexia and ADHD.

Twice Exceptional Delia

Author: Brooke Swarthout

Educators and families must work with a child's talents and abilities just as much as with their learning disabilities. This story is about Delia discovering her many talents despite being diagnosed with a learning disability.

YES to Treshia: A Young Gifted and Talented Girl

Author: Stephanie Mastrangelo

Treshia, a second grade student, struggles with making friends and learning new things at school.