Statement on Violence at U.S. Capitol

From the Dean

January 7, 2021

Dear GSE Community,

I write to share some of my thoughts on what transpired yesterday at the U.S. Capitol. Like many of you, I was disgusted by the violence, the lies, the attempt at mob rule, the insurrection. I was enraged by the displays of racist and divisive hate symbolized by the flying of the confederate flag.  I was dismayed by the joy the violent mob appeared to take in desecrating an important national democratic symbol and by the self-satisfied smug smiles they wore in the process.  In the strongest possible terms, I condemn the actions of the rioters and denounce those in leadership positions who called these terrorists to action and to those who have enabled these leaders for far too long.

Like many of you, it was not lost on me how very different the police treated those who chose to violently disrupt a part of our constitutionally enshrined process for the peaceful transfer of power compared to the way peaceful protesters were treated when speaking out against racial injustice. Yesterday, this stark contrast was on full display for all to see. I recognize that this disparity will affect some more intensely than others. If you need to talk and share your feelings, I encourage you to reach out to Dr. Raechele Pope or a trusted colleague, advisor, or other member of GSE.

As part of an institution of higher education, we hold sacred our commitment to science, reason, and evidence. In GSE, we hold equity, diversity and justice as equally important. All of these values were challenged and mocked in the attempted efforts to overturn a free and fair election.

Faculty, once again we must redouble our educational efforts and ensure that those who entrust us with their education and training are taught to understand the importance of reason, evidence, and facts, as well as value equity, diversity, inclusion, fairness, and respect. It is only when we prioritize these ideals that we can ward off hatred and ignorance.


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Suzanne Rosenblith, PhD
Dean and Professor

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