Faculty Awards and Funding Opportunities

Internal awards and funding opportunities available through the Graduate School of Education

  • 1/6/20
    The GSE Excellent in Diversity and Inclusion award recognizes a GSE faculty member who demonstrates a commitment to the ideals of diversity, equity, and inclusion. Nominees may demonstrate this commitment through research, teaching, service and/or outreach.
  • 11/21/19
    GSE Grant Fellow Program funds are dedicated to provide faculty release time to prepare competitive, large grant applications.  These funds support research projects that have the best potential to ultimately result in large (e.g., > $250,000) external research grants.
  • 11/21/19
    GSE Research Partnership Support Program funds are dedicated to provide funds to generate a partnership or collaborative.
  • 11/21/19
    GSE Faculty 4 S.T.A.R. Awards were established by GSE’s Executive Committee to help recognize the excellent work of our faculty in all the ways they contribute to GSE’s mission expressed through Service, Teaching, Advising and Research. The purpose of the GSE Faculty 4 STAR Awards is to recognize individual faculty excellence in each of these four areas so critical to GSE’s mission using, GSE workload guidelines, contributions to UB 2020 and the Envisioning themes. Nominations will be reviewed by a faculty and student committee representing each GSE department.
Award Notification

All award winners will be announced at the annual faculty and staff end-of-year luncheon with a celebration and photo shoot planned for the recipients. For funded proposals, the earliest project starting date will be early August.