Doctoral Program Dismissal

Doctoral students who demonstrate limited academic progress (e.g., GPA < 3.0, excessive number of incomplete grades) will be informed by the Department Chair that their academic progress is considered unsatisfactory. This letter will state that the student has been placed on academic probation, and it will stipulate necessary requirements for removal of the academic probation status.


An exception to this policy of informing students of their limited academic progress is when a student does not successfully complete the Research Analysis Examination, in which case, the student will be immediately dismissed from doctoral study. Students are subject to dismissal from the Department if they fail to meet acceptable standards of performance in examinations or coursework or if they do not comply with regulations stated in the requirements of the program. The doctoral studies committee is charged to investigate the case of any student whose academic behavior appears to be unsatisfactory.

Dismissal Recommendation

If the Committee decides that dismissal is warranted, it will recommend a dismissal, in writing, to the Department. The recommendation will contain supporting evidence, and the student, who will receive an exact copy of it, may write any response the student wishes. Then the Committee's recommendation, together with the student's response, will go forward to the whole Department. The name of the affected student will be placed on the agenda of the first regular Department meeting following submission of the recommendation, and the Department will vote to retain or to dismiss the student.