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Student Resources

  • Conference Travel Funding
    The department of Educational Leadership and Policy provides funding for our students who are making presentations (either papers or on a panel) at conferences or have been invited to participate in a competitive workshop or seminar.
  • Department Website
    Our department provides a wide range of degree options that prepare students for careers as scholars, administrators and policy analysts. Students will develop an understanding of how research, leadership and policy making can improve the quality and practice of education in a rapidly changing world.
  • Financial Aid
    The Department of Educational Leadership and Policy, the Graduate School of Education, and the University at Buffalo offer a wide range of financial assistance opportunities, as does the State of New York and the federal government.
  • Glossary of Acronyms
    This glossary provides a quick reference to the terms, acronyms and abbreviations commonly used by this department.
  • Grading Policies
    Good academic standing means that a student is making acceptable progress towards a graduate degree or certificate. All graduate students are expected to remain in good academic standing throughout the entire course of their degree programs.
  • Handbooks
    Program handbooks have been developed to assist students throughout their academic experience. These handbooks do not constitute the whole of the University at Buffalo or the Graduate School of Education policies concerning students. It is the student’s responsibility to be aware of and comply with all policies, procedures and deadlines.
  • Organizations and Professional Associations
    A primary aim of the department is to foster creative leadership among students. It is essential that students take advantage of the many opportunities which exist to work with peers in the area and with colleagues in the field of educational administration.
  • Policies and Procedures
    All students enrolled in the Graduate School of Education are governed by school and university policies and procedures. Understanding these policies and procedures is crucial to your success as a student.
  • Program and Degree Policies
    The department abides by the established student advisement, candidacy, continuous registration, readmission, degree conferral timetable, qualifying exams, thesis dissertation and placement policies.
  • Qualifying Examinations
    The process includes two parts, namely, a Qualifying Paper and Oral Defense. The EdD Qualifying Paper should be completed within four (4) semesters of the student's enrollment in ELP 624 "Theory and Research in Educational Administration." The Oral (concluding the total process) should normally occur within the first three years of admission to the program, but not more than five years.
  • Taher Razik Lounge
    The late Dr. Taher A. Razik, professor emeritus (educational administration), donated a gift to the Graduate School of Education to create the Taher Razik Lounge in 463 Baldy Hall. Dr. Razik was highly regarded by colleagues and students alike. This lounge is exclusively for ELP students who use it to relax, meet friends, study or hold casual conversations over lunch or just a cup of coffee. The lounge features two Internet connections and a collection of professional publications for studying and scholarly discussions.