Conference Travel Funding

Graduate Students

The department of Educational Leadership and Policy provides funding for our students who are making presentations (either papers or on a panel) at conferences or have been invited to participate in a competitive workshop or seminar.

Available amount of money: The maximum amount of funding is $200 in a budget year, subject to availability of funds. For conferences traveling 300 miles or less from Buffalo $100, and for travel over 300 miles it is $200. If a student has received only $100, he/she may apply for an additional $100 for a total of $200 in one budget year.

Procedure to apply: Students must submit a Student Travel Authorization Form (form can be obtained online below or in 468 Baldy Hall) and a letter to the Chair accompanied by either a copy of the program with the student's name listed or a copy of the letter accepting the student's paper for presentation. Upon returning from the conference, the student must submit original receipts in at least the amount approved (either $100 or $200) and a copy of the cover of the program and the page with the student's name to the department secretary for processing (contact information below).

Limited Funding

There is limited funding available and applications are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. Call 716-645-1104 to learn about the availability of funds.


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Alyssa Steinborn

Academic Advisement Coordinator

Educational Leadership and Policy

468 Baldy Hall

Phone: 716-645-1104


Graduate Student Association

The Graduate Student Association supports graduate students who are making presentations and attending workshops at conferences. Since conference funding moneys will be allocated into equal periods in a year, pre approval for these periods will be determined by the following hierarchy of categories:

  1. Graduate students presenting at a conference who have not previously been funded,
  2. Graduate students presenting at a conference who have been previously funded,
  3. Graduate students attending a conference who have not previously been funded,
  4. Graduate students attending a conference who have been previously funded,
  5. In the event that requests in a category exceed the amount of funds allotted, the funding will be distributed among the earliest applicants in said category.

Available amount of money: Students may receive a maximum of $150 in her/her graduate career. Funding will only cover the conference registration fee and transportation expenses up to the maximum of $150. No food or lodging expenses will be funded. After returning from the conference, a copy of the cover page of the conference program and the page where their presentation is cited, original receipts and proof of payment must be submitted.

Procedure to apply: Applicants must have previously applied for funding from their academic advisor, department, and GSA departmental club. (There is a form for the advisor and department to sign and the request and response from the club must be documented in the club minutes.) Applications for funding must be prepared for the funding period in which the conference falls.