Our Team


Headshot of LaGarrett King.

LaGarrett J. King, PhD

LaGarrett J. King, PhD joined the University at Buffalo’s Graduate School of Education in January 2022 as an associate professor of social studies education. He was previously the Isabella Wade Lyda and Paul Lyda Professor of Education at the University of Missouri. He received his PhD from the University of Texas at Austin after an eight-year teaching career in Georgia and Texas. His primary research interest examines the teaching and learning of Black history in schools and society. He also researches critical theories of race, teacher education and curriculum history.

Assistant Directors

Brittany Jones, PhD

Brittany Jones.

Responsibilities: curriculum (Black History Nerds Saturday School, book clubs, lesson planning projects, Researching Race Series); summer writing retreat 

Christina King, PhD

Christina King.

Responsibilities: literacy (authors/illustrators of color in schools, book events/programs, communities’ program)

Graduate Fellows

Daphanie Bibbs

Daphanie Bibbs.

Responsibilities: research, book club facilitator, lesson planning projects, Black History Nerds Saturday School, Research Race Series

Dawnavyn James

Dawnavyn James.

Responsibilities: research, book club facilitator, lesson planning projects, authors/illustrators of color in schools, communities’ program

Greg Simmons

Greg Simmons.

Responsibilities: research, Teaching Black History Conference, Black History Nerds Saturday School

Undergraduate Volunteer

Montana Desabola

Montana Desabola.

Responsibilities: assist with curriculum programs and special assignments for the director