Our Mission

Our research mission centers on the enduring question: What is Black History Education? The center’s research will focus on how Black history and race are taught and learned around the world in K–12 schools, teacher education programs and other educative spaces with particular focus on research, professional development and learning, networking and advocacy.


We seek to educate K–12 students, in-service and pre-service teachers, and the general society through various educational activities, including history clubs, teacher professional development and community learning labs. The center will serve as a place for education through monthly events held in virtual and community classrooms.

Our monthly Saturday schools and professional development events will serve as a space for learning that did not happen in schooling. Our most popular professional development activity is our summer conference. The Teaching Black History Conference is a three-day event where classroom teachers share effective Black history curriculum and instructional strategies.

Additionally, the center is creating a Teaching Black History certificate program for teachers and educators to use as endorsements for teaching history classes in their school districts.


The center will serve as a networking site for engaging and collaborating with other people and organizations in helping promote Black history and racial literacy. Our goal is to connect with like-minded individuals and organizations to combine resources to advance our goals of understanding Black history and race within K–12 curriculum, pedagogy, policy and its psychological and sociological influences.


The center has a mission to advocate for Black history and racial literacy education. We seek to help teachers and other educational entities expand opportunities to learn about crucial concepts related to Black history and race.