Answering Tough Kid Questions and Alleviating Fears Surrounding COVID-19

Illustration of a worried child by
Stephanie Frederick.
“Follow your child’s lead. Try as much as possible to let their questions and concerns be your guide. ”
Stephanie S. Fredrick, Assistant Professor
Counseling, School and Educational Psychology

Published April 6, 2020

Soothe worries children have about being stuck at home and away from school and friends during this pandemic.

Making a unprecedented tough times easier on kids

Children need to learn that it’s OK not to talk about the pandemic. Parents need to understand how to check for signs of distress. Tips like keep emergency help on hand. Consider checking for emerging local resources like the Buffalo-area’s new hotline: 716.884.0888. These are among the topics, strategies and resources in a new public video and PowerPoint by GSE professor and graduate student. Stephanie Fredrick, PhD, assistant professor of school psychology, and Abbey McClemont, BA, school psychology doctoral student, confront these issues. They offer expert guidance and understanding about the impacts on young people from toddlers to teens.