Student Teacher Assessment Record (STAR) — Mentor Teacher (MT)

STAR-MT is the formal assessment instrument used by mentor teachers. This is submitted twice during each student teaching placement: once at an interim point and then again at a final point.

Spring 2023 Due Dates

First placement: Jan. 1 to March 3

  • Interim due: the week of Jan. 27
  • Final due: the week of March 3

Second placement: March 6 to May 10

  • Interim due: the week of April 7
  • Final due: the week of May 10

How to Submit

Two format options are available for you to complete and submit STAR-MT. No matter the format, please be sure to have a discussion with your student teacher about the contents of STAR-MT and provide a copy of your submission to both your student teacher and her/his teacher education associate.

Please complete and submit STAR-MT using one of the following:

  • Online Form 
    Mentor teachers will receive an email with a link to an easy-to-use online survey. If you are a mentor teacher and you have not received this link, please call our office at 716-645-2461.
  • Interactive Excel Form
      1.  Download Interim Excel Form or Final Excel Form
      2.  Fill in all text boxes and drop-down menus
      3.  Save the file to your computer, then send it as an email attachment to

Help Documents

Use the quick guide to orient yourself to STAR-MT, which contains an introduction and information about its format and use.

Our mentor teacher guide highlights questions we have previously been asked. It tells you the location where an answer can be found, within the guide to field experience and student teaching.

Need help?

If you need assistance with any of these documents, please contact us at 716-645-2461 or