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Research Resources

Graduate School of Education students have access to a variety of research services that assist you in your dissertation and research work. The following list includes services most helpful to current students.

Located in 519 Baldy Hall, our Data Analysis Lab offers free statistical assistance with issues related to quantitative research design, measurement and statistical data analysis. Students, faculty and staff within the Graduate School of Education seeking help with course assighments and research projects are encouraged to make use of the lab.

The key to successfully writing a dissertation in a timely manner is your (the student's) own effort and subsequent collaboration with your major advisor with whom you will work closely on all aspects of your project. Please note from the onset that there is considerable variation in the form and shape of doctoral dissertations and completed proposals. Each advisor has his/her own expectations, strengths, and style related to the production of a dissertation. You should discuss these expectations prior to choosing a dissertation advisor.

This fund gives grants to graduate students for research expenses related to their thesis or dissertation. PhD students may apply for up to $2,500, MFA students for up to $2,000, and Master’s students for up to $1,500. The MDRF grant is only for University at Buffalo graduate students in programs participating in the Graduate Student Association and who have not waived the student activity fee. Applicants should be in the latter stages of research.

The GSE Quantitative and Qualitative Data Analysis Lab (QQDAL) in 519 Baldy Hall offers free assistance with issues related to quantitative and qualitative research design, measurement/classification and data analysis. Graduate assistants are available for consultation on the use of software packages in the lab.

UB faculty have been recognized as good teachers and strong innovators. These high standards are set in the classrooms and laboratories with ethical and responsible research at the heart of what we do.  

This annual symposium encourages students and professionals to share their work and broaden their understanding of issues central to research within the disciplines and showcases the work pursued by the students of the Graduate School of Education and invites them to discuss their ideas in a scholarly environment.  Students forge connections with faculty and professionals. The symposium's environment provides students with a forum to present and discuss their research in preparation for regional, national, and international conferences that are important to their field of study.