Sabrina Musson, PhD ’16

Program Completed: Counselor Education, PhD
Job Title: Program Coordinator

Sabrina Musson.

Sabrina Musson is currently the program director of the mental health counseling program and a clinical assistant professor at UB. She received her PhD from the Department of Counseling, School and Educational Psychology (CSEP) at UB and has taught counseling education. While receiving her education at the Graduate School of Education (GSE), Musson learned to appreciate the importance of constructive feedback and believes that it is the true catalyst of growth.

“The faculty in the CSEP department provided me with the knowledge and skills required to teach and mentor emerging counseling professionals,” said Musson. “They were the perfect models of the professional I aspired to be and I learned so much from them.” She wants to pass down what she has learned in her program to students who plan to follow her footsteps. “My advice for students who want to be counselors is to prioritize time management,” said Musson. “It is one of the most important and underappreciated skills in counseling, as well for completing graduate study.”

Some of Musson’s best experiences have come from being open-minded and taking risks. She has worked on several studies related to intimate partner violence and she is confident this research will influence everybody to make an effort in helping survivors. “To even be a small part of the transformation process as our students become counseling professionals is an honor,” said Musson. “So many of them have gone on to make a positive impact in our mental health system.”

Completing her dissertation was her most fulfilling experience as she really started to appreciate the importance of research. “There is something immensely gratifying about adding to our collective body of knowledge,” said Musson.”