7th Grade US History Lessons

Moon landing image.

Published March 23, 2020

Seize this opportunity to teach US history to your seventh grader. A GSE student put together a site to help parents, teachers, and students access quality seventh grade US history content from home.

Check out history lessons, games and projects.

Christina Turowski, current GSE student and candidate for social studies certification, created a 7th grade history website for her students and parents to use while learning from home. There are some helpful lessons, games, projects and links targeted at 7th graders. Lessons align to the New York State Social Studies Framework and are short but meaningful. For each lesson she includes a brief lesson plan that can be downloaded to help guide the lesson. The lesson will have all the materials necessary in one document, except videos, which will appear on this website. These lessons will have suggested modifications and accommodations for students at different levels of readiness.