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Michael Venturiello (EdM ’16, Higher Education) is currently making a positive impact in his own community as the founder of Christopher Street Tours, a company that provides free walking tours of LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer) history around New York City. The company also offers LGBTQ Bar Tours and LGBTQ workshops on advocacy and social justice.
In 2012, Nathan Daun-Barnett, associate professor from the Department of Educational Leadership and Policy, partnered with Buffalo Public Schools and the Buffalo Promise Neighborhood to create a College Success Center at Bennett High School, which is one of the district’s persistently low achieving schools.

UB jumps eight spots to No. 89 among the best national universities in the country, and is 38th among public universities, in the U.S. News & World Report Best Colleges 2019 rankings.


UB’s Alberti Center for Bullying Abuse Prevention takes on the increasingly prevalent and timely issue of “microaggressions” at its annual conference being held Oct. 2.

Ji-Won Son, associate professor from the Department of Learning and Instruction, is partnering with the Christian Central Academy in Williamsville to develop and implement a history-infused mathematics curriculum in K–12 classrooms and analyze the effects of the curriculum. The collaboration is part of the UB Graduate School of Education Faculty in Residence Program, and is funded by a National Council of Teachers of Mathematics 7–12 Classroom Research Grant.
Worldwide, 30 million people practice yoga and half of them say they started yoga because of recommendations from a physician or therapist. Practicing yoga can lead to an improved quality of life, including a lower heart rate, relief from anxiety, stress, depression and insomnia, and overall physical health, strength and flexibility.
The UB Teach program, beginning fall 2018, is a collaboration between the Graduate School of Education and the College of Arts and Sciences. Students who graduate from this program will spend one less year securing their master’s degree, at the same time allowing them to take advantage of UB’s outstanding academic content areas and historically successful track record in teacher preparation.
Musical sounds surround a child, even before the moment of birth. Whether a child is listening to music, singing a song or moving creatively to the sounds around them, music is a vital part of a child's life. “Young children often create music as a part of their play experiences, thus sustaining imagination and creativity,” said Maria Runfola, professor in the Department of Learning and Instruction and the director of the GSE MusicPlay project.
Sam Abramovich, assistant professor from the Department of Learning and Instruction and the Department of Library and Information Studies, is the director of the Graduate School of Education’s Open Education Research Lab. The core mission of the lab is to actively engage and support the study of the State University of New York open education efforts.