Individual Courses

You have the opportunity to take courses even if you are not pursuing a degree. We offer a wide selection of courses throughout the year both on campus and online. Whether you are completing program requirements, building professional expertise, honing your skills, or exploring new areas, we are confident you will find courses to meet your needs.

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Benefits of Non-Degree Study

  • preparation for graduate study
  • opportunity to conduct research
  • professional development
  • collaborate with our faculty and graduate students

Contact a Department for Current Non-Degree Course Offerings

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Phone: 716-645-2471


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Phone: 716-645-2455


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Phone: 716-645-2412


Non-UB Students: Apply for Non-degree Status and Register

Graduate Students

How to Apply for Graduate Non-Degree Status (Courses 500 and above)

1. Complete an online application for non-degree status: You will need to attach a copy of your bachelor's degree transcript. A non-refundable $35 application fee can be paid electronically when you submit your online application.

To register for a graduate course that begins with:

PLEASE NOTE: Approval for non-degree student status does not grant permission for specific courses nor does it guarantee that any particular course will be available in a given semester. If you only are interested in taking a specific course, you should speak with the academic department and/or course instructor prior to applying.

2. Wait for review: Once your online application, application fee, and transcripts have been received, your application requesting non-degree status will be reviewed.

3. Enroll: Applicants granted non-matriculated status will then either (a) enroll in classes through the HUB Student Center if prior approval was granted or (b) be directed to their academic department for course selection and approval.

Undergraduate Students

How to Register for an Undergraduate Course (100–499)

You will use the undergraduate form to register for courses numbered 100 to 499.

1. Complete an undergraduate non-matriculated student form. Once enrollment is confirmed for the term, a non-refundable Non-Degree Processing Fee of $25 will be applied to the student's account prior to the next billing statement.

2. Wait for review: Once your application is submitted, your application will be reviewed by the UB Registrar’s office.3

3. Enroll: Applicants granted non-matriculated status may then enroll in classes through the HUB Student Center.

Current UB Students: Register for Courses

Current UB Students

Current UB students are encouraged to enroll in GSE online classes. Login to to register.