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Theme: Promoting Mental Health and Positive Relationships (Amidst COVID-19 and Other Crises)

Panel 1: Isolation, Inequities and Cyberbullying: Evidence-Based Approaches to Promoting Well-Being and Social Justice
Julie Bowker, PhD - presentation slides
Sameer Hinduja, PhD
Shannon Suldo, PhD - presentation slides
Stacy A. S. Williams, PhD, NCSP - presentation slides

Panel 2: Supporting Schools in Times of Physical Distancing and Crisis
Christina Conolly, PsyD, NCSP - presentation slides
Benjamin S. Fernandez, MS Ed - presentation slides
James Mazza, PhD & Elizabeth Tam Dexter-Mazza, PsyD - presentation slides
Jennifer Noe - presentation slides


Theme: Research-Informed Bullying Preventions: Social-Emotional Learning and School Climate Improvement Approaches

Keynote Speaker: Dorothy L. Espelage, PhD, William C. Friday Distinguished Professor of Education | University of North Carolina

Keynote Presentation Slides


Theme: Inclusive Schools and Communities: Identifying and Intervening with Microaggressions

Keynote Speaker: Yolanda Flores Niemann, PhD, Professor of Psychology | University of North Texas (UNT)


Microaggressions Keynote

Microaggressions and Disabilities

Challenge 2 Change

Speak up at School


Theme: Fostering Kindness: Using Technology to Combat Online Bullying

Keynote Speaker: Susan Swearer, PhD
Willa Cather Professor of Educational Psychology Professor of School Psychology | University of Nebraska
Co-Director | Bullying Research Network
Director | Empowerment Initiative


Theme: Bullying and People with Disabilities: Challenges and Opportunities

Keynote Speaker: Julie M. Hertzog, Director | PACER's National Bullying Prevention Center