Training and Resources

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The Alberti Center for Bullying Abuse Prevention serves a variety of groups with specific needs. Students applying for certification, teachers already in schools, and parents require different services all focused on one goal: bullying prevention. Our services provided aim to equip educators and parents with the knowledge and tools to bring about successful change in schools and at home.  

The New York State Education Department (NYSED) Dignity for All Students Act (DASA) requires that all students applying for certification as of December 31, 2013 have 6 hours of coursework or training on the social patterns of harassment, bullying and discrimination. As mandated by NYSED, this training consists of a 3-hour online portion and a 3-hour face-to-face portion. The University at Buffalo Alberti Center for Bullying Abuse Prevention is an approved provider of this training.
Explore our collection of resource links, articles and videos, tailored to the needs of educators, kids and teens, parents and researchers.
The first step to preventing bullying is making sure the students, teachers, and parents alike are educated about bullying. The following presentations created by our expert faculty can help. These presentations are free for download and use for your specific needs. If you have questions, suggestions or specific needs, please contact the center directly.  
Explore additional information related to bullying and other forms of school violence, including legislation and professional organizations.