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Published March 14, 2023


UB’s Graduate School of Education launches gifted education advanced certificate program

With the increased need to effectively support diverse populations of learners, the University at Buffalo Graduate School of Education relaunched the gifted education advanced certificate program in the spring 2023 semester.

Aligned with the standards set by the National Association for Gifted Children Teacher Preparation and the requirements of the New York State Education Department, this program prepares teachers to meet the unique intellectual, emotional and social needs of gifted learners.

Education professionals—both New York State certified teachers and teachers not holding New York State certification—who want to unlock the potential of high-ability students are ideal candidates for the program.

Students enrolled in the program will gain the skills and expertise needed to advocate for gifted students, advise colleagues and help schools implement ethical and equitable practices and services.

“[This program] aligns with the values of the Graduate School of Education, especially in terms of equity and inclusion,” said Anne Izydorczak, director of the program and administrator of GSE’s Gifted Math Program. “Ideas about how to identify gifted kids have moved away from exclusive testing toward alternative methods. Our focus is on finding and supporting bright kids with complex needs, especially where they have been missed or underserved.”

The program is offered in the Department of Learning and Instruction and is available online and asynchronously. Students enrolled in the program complete 12-15 credits over the course of two to four semesters. Tracks for New York State certified teachers and non-New York State certified teachers are available.

The gifted education advanced certificate program reflects GSE’s mission of providing rigorous and supportive teaching and learning environments that enable students to achieve academic excellence. GSE strives to offer online students rich and engaging educational experiences that utilize cutting-edge technology and infrastructure to enhance connection with online and on-campus learners in classroom learning, special engagements and events.

Individuals interested in the advanced certificate should contact GSE’s Office of Graduate Admission at 716-645-2110 or

More information is also available on the Graduate School of Education’s website.

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