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Our advanced certificate program in gifted education is designed to teach you how to unlock the potential and address the specific needs of high ability students from diverse backgrounds. This program prepares you to become a leader in gifted programming within your school or district, or to enhance your general education teaching repertoire with creative strategies to differentiate instruction and adapt curriculum for the benefit of all students.

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Why choose UB's program?

  1. Our equity-oriented program focuses on identifying assets in children and teens using varied lenses rather than on exclusive gatekeeping.
  2. Beyond learning how to meet the unique intellectual, emotional, and social needs of the gifted learners in your classroom, you will develop your ability to impact the learning of all students. Examples of techniques covered in our coursework are development of student thinking dispositions, multi-modal expression, making thinking visible, learning based on voice-and-choice projects, community problems and entrepreneurship.
  3. You will be prepared to advocate for gifted students, to advise your colleagues and to help your school implement ethical and equitable practices for non-biased place-based identification and services.
  4. Take advantage of flexible enrollment (take courses 1 or 2 per semester in any order), flexible delivery (online asynchronous), and choice of tracks (NY State certified teachers or non-NY State certified teachers).
  5. Our curriculum conforms to the National Association for Gifted Children teacher preparation standards and with New York State Education Department requirements, including content on the NY state certification exam and the Praxis Gifted Education Test.


Academic credential granted Advanced Certificate (AC)
Credits required for completion 12 to 15
Time to completion 2 to 4 part-time semesters
Course delivery Online asynchronous
Application deadline Priority Deadlines
Fall: Feb. 1, then rolling until Aug. 10
Spring: Nov. 1, then rolling until Jan. 10

The Value of an Advanced Certificate

In today’s dynamic professional environment, continuous self-improvement is essential for career success. Advancements, competition and evolving landscapes require professionals to maintain current, industry-relevant knowledge, skills, and competencies. Advanced certificates can complement completed degrees or serve as standalone credentials. Regardless of your chosen path, an advanced certificate offers additional knowledge and opportunities to refine professional skills, facilitating career advancement. They offer a flexible, accessible and cost-effective educational route to pursue career goals and remain competitive.

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