About the Program

Our one-year, paid residency program is designed for those interested in pursuing initial and/or initial/professional certification in childhood, early childhood, English for speakers of other languages, or adolescence education. Through the residency year, you will complete rigorous coursework while co-teaching alongside a mentor teacher. Merging theory and practice, you will be equipped with the skill-set necessary to thrive in meeting the varied needs of diverse students.


Teacher residency programs are built on the medical residency model, providing a clinically-intensive pathway to certification. Resident teachers serve in a co-teaching capacity alongside an expert mentor teacher for a full school year while simultaneously engaging in rigorous university coursework. Theory and practice merge, and residents hone their skills with the support of mentor teachers and university faculty. Upon completion, residents are well-equipped to lead their classrooms and positively impact their students’ educational experiences.

Our Mission

UB’s teacher education programs prioritize authentic relationships with students, families, teachers, schools and communities to advance inclusive, culturally sustaining and evidence-based practices. We prepare educators committed to cultivating knowledge through critical inquiry and reflective practice.

Our Vision

UB’s teacher education programs strive to create pathways to equitable, just futures through a critical approach to collaboration, persistence, care and joy.


The Teacher Residency Program aims to collaboratively prepare and sustain skilled, diverse teachers to effectively serve the varied needs of historically marginalized students, families and school communities. Upon completion, residents will be adept, culturally proficient, transformational teachers who foster positive academic and social-emotional change in urban classrooms.

Additionally, the residency program will:

  • Diversify our local teaching community
  • Increase the number of learner-ready teachers
  • Increase the number of teachers who stay in the teaching profession for at least five years