Picture of 2019 Cohort 1 Teacher Residents.

Make an impact in the classroom and in the lives of children. Become an educator that works toward equity in the educational experiences afforded to students. Teach for change. Our Teacher Residency Program has launched and we continue to seek applicants for our next residency cohorts which will focus on urban schools.

The Teacher Residency Program aims to collaboratively prepare and sustain skilled, diverse teachers to effectively serve the varied needs of historically marginalized students, families and school communities.

What is a residency? Who is eligible? What certifications are earned through this program? These are sample questions surrounding this new program. Here are a list of commonly asked questions.

Our urban teacher residency cohort has launched and we are seeking applicants who are interested in working toward equity in the educational experiences afforded to students in the City of Buffalo.

• Individuals who want to be transformational teachers
• College seniors and recent graduates who intend to teach
• Professionals looking to make a career change