Book Stacks

Recently published books by members of the UB GSE community

Co-authored by John Strong, assistant professor, learning and instruction. Published in 2020 by Guilford Press, this book provides a blueprint for constructing literacy-rich instructional units in English language arts, science, and social studies and describes how to design interconnected text sets and plan lessons that support learning and engagement before, during, and after reading.

Co-edited by Ryan Rish, assistant professor, learning and instruction. Published in 2019 by Information Age Publishing, this book considers how space/place, identities, and the role of digital literacies create opportunities for individuals and communities to negotiate living, being, and learning together with and through digital media.

Edited by Margaret W. Sallee, associate professor, educational leadership and policy. Published in 2020 by Stylus Publishing, this book argues that the current structure of student affairs work is not sustainable, as it depends on the notion that employees are available to work non-stop without any outside responsibilities, that is, the "ideal worker norm." The field places inordinate burdens on staff to respond to the needs of students, often at the expense of their own families and well-being. Each chapter has suggestions about how to change the field so that everyone can thrive.

Co-edited by Julie Gorlewski, chair and associate professor, learning and instruction. Published in 2019 by Routledge Press, the book extends the discussions and critiques of neoliberalism in education by examining the potential for Schools of Teacher Education to contest policies that perpetuate injustice in K-12 schooling. Drawing on a case study of faculty collaboration, this edited volume reimagines teacher preparation programs as crucial sites of resistance to, and refusal of, unsound education
practices and legislation.

Written by Casey Jakubowski (AC ’08). Published in 2020 by EduMatch, this book seeks to give a voice to rural education, in this unstable time, and reflects on a wide range of research and experiences. It offers all educators a reflective voice to channel their own experiences on their journey, beginning to end.