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Centers and Institutes

  • 1/10/18
    The Graduate School of Education has several programs, centers, institutes, and scholarly initiatives for students and visiting scholars wishing to study education in its international, comparative, and global contexts. The most internationally and comparatively focused are the general master's and the PhD in the social foundations of education with concentrations in comparative and global studies in education. These programs are housed within the Department of Educational Leadership and Policy. The department also offers a general master's, as well as the PhD and the EdD in educational administration, and the PhD in higher education, as well as the master's and PhD in social foundations with concentrations in the sociology or history of education. Many of the international students—or US students with international interests—take these degree programs, but buttressed with courses from the international/comparative/global program.


  • 1/25/18
    Over the past decade, research universities and funding agencies have vigorously encouraged research that works towards solving pressing and large-scale problems related to education in an increasingly diverse and unequal society. It is widely accepted that such research often demands broad-based research teams that are multi-disciplinary and employ a range of research methods from the social sciences. Constructing and actualizing such broad-based teams both within and across universities increasingly demands that scholars leverage institutional support to pursue external federal, state and/or private foundation funding and work across disciplinary and methodological boundaries to accomplish their goals.