Master's Degrees

Our master's program in economics and education policy analysis is offered through a partnership with the Department of Economics in the College of Arts and Sciences. Consistent with UB's emphasis on innovation and interdisciplinarity, this program allows you to explore the intersection between education and economics. You will be trained to use economic theory and econometric tools to solve real-world issues in education.
Our master's program in education studies can be taken as is or designed and tailored to meet your interests, as well as your professional and academic needs. This program of study is targeted for those whose goals are broad, interdisciplinary and flexible. You can pursue a focus area that allows you to take maximum advantage of courses and resources in the Graduate School of Education. You have the option to create your own multidisciplinary focus area from within our school and across our departments.
Our master's program in educational administration is for you if you are a domestic student working or seeking to work in educational sites other than public K–12 schools in the United States, or if you are an international student interested in leadership, management or policy positions in elementary and secondary education. Our program focuses on developing the intellectual, performance and moral capacity for leadership roles in school districts, colleges and universities, and in training and development programs for other public agencies. This program draws upon the social and behavioral sciences to stimulate new ways of thinking about administering and transforming education organizations.
Our master's program in higher education and student affairs is for you if you wish to pursue a career in higher education working directly with college students in student affairs, academic affairs, enrollment management, or related units. Our program focuses on providing you with the skills needed to help two- and four-year institutions meet the learning and development needs of all students and to personalize the college campus. Our program is designed to meet the guidelines developed by the Council for Advancement of Standards in Higher Education criteria for master's programs. The guidelines emphasize student development, multicultural issues and practical experience.