UB ID Card and Campus Cash

Your UB Card is your official University at Buffalo ID and is used across campus: Getting into buildings, working out at the gym, and attending campus events are all made easy with this multi-purpose card. It can also be used as payment across campus and many local businesses by adding Campus Cash.

UB ID Card

After you have registered for your courses will be able to obtain a UB ID card. Your UB ID card establishes your person number which is used for:

  • Meal Plans
  • Campus Cash
  • Door Access
  • UB IT Access
  • Library access, online and in person
  • Access to athletic facilities
  • Access to sporting events
  • Student Identification
  • Campus Transportation/UB Stampede

Online Students

The UB Card Office is pleased to share with you the recent development of a UB Card made just for our Online Students. We have worked with the Graduate School of Education to produce a non-photo UB Card that we can provide to our online participants. The card contains most of the elements of a traditional UB Card.

The cost of the card is $23.50, which will be charged to your University Account and your UB Card will be mailed directly to you.

Each request will be confirmed by verifying course registration records. This card is not meant to be a substitute for a traditional UB Card; it is intended to verify that you are a member of the extended University Community. If in the future you come to campus to continue your studies or research then you must obtain the traditional photo UB Card. You will be able to exchange this card towards the purchase of a traditional UB Card.

To apply for an Online Program Official UB Card, please fill out this application.

Campus Cash

To pay for food, books, and other expenses you may want to consider adding Campus Cash to your UB card. You can learn more about Campus Cash including a list of locations that accept Campus Cash at the UB Card site.