Why Choose Us?

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Our programs prepare you with the knowledge and skills to become a leader and an advocate. You will graduate empowered to create change in your school and community.

The Department of Counseling, School and Educational Psychology prepares students to work with individuals, groups and agencies to resolve problems and enhance development. We offer a variety of accredited programs resulting in doctoral and master's degrees in psychology, counseling specialties and research methods.  The flexibility of our programs allows students to work with world-class faculty in the classroom, in the field, on collaborative research and publication efforts. Classes are small, informal and engaging.

Learn from Innovative Thought Leaders

Our faculty members are engaged in research that impacts and changes our communities.

Benefit from a Global Community

With students from across the United States and 115 countries across the world in our classes on campus and online, our department is strengthened by the diversity of backgrounds and global perspectives represented.

Get a Valuable Education that is Affordable

As a public school in the SUNY system, the University at Buffalo has a worldwide reputation for excellence, but costs much less than private schools. In addition, the cost of living in Buffalo is well below the national average. Your dollar simply goes further here.

Engage in Research

In addition to working with faculty researchers throughout our department and UB, you will benefit from opportunities with our community research partners.  

Prepare for a Purposeful Career

As a graduate, you will be equipped to find professional employment in:

  • colleges and universities (as members of the faculty or counseling center staff)
  • community social service agencies
  • government agencies
  • hospitals
  • private industry
  • public schools

Enroll in Nationally Accredited Programs

Be Part of Something Bigger

  • Why Choose Us?
    You’re searching for an exceptional graduate education that will result in the credential and skills you need to take the next step in your academic and professional career. A degree from a top-ranking school like the University at Buffalo will give you just that—as well as plenty of recognition, respect and opportunity.