Courses for Non-UB Students

Are you looking to take a class or two but not ready to enroll full-time in a degree program? Non-degree courses are a great way for you to earn credit and experience in the classroom. Non-degree study is possible within our four departments and many of the courses are available online.

  • Benefits of Non-Degree Study

    You can take courses with the Graduate School of Education even if you’re not pursuing a degree. Non-degree, or non-matriculated, study is a great way to:
    • collaborate with our faculty and graduate students
    • conduct research
    • earn credit toward a future degree
    • experience college-level learning environments
    • improve your skills or train for employment through professional development
    • prepare for college-level or graduate study

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Professional Development for Religious and Independent School Teachers

The University at Buffalo’s Graduate School of Education is pleased to partner with the New York State Department of Education in providing professional development opportunities to teachers in religious and independent schools.


To be eligible, you must currently be teaching in a religious or independent school. Proof of eligibility will be requested at the point of application.

Tuition and Fees

Approved students will have in-state tuition and fees paid for successfully completed courses from the list below.

Available Courses

Courses are presently open to non-UB students who are practicing teachers in religious/independent schools. You can take up to two courses per semester. Course lists are subject to change.

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Contact the Office of Graduate Admission at or 716-645-2110