Earth Science Education

Our master's program in earth science education focuses on preparing you to teach earth science at the adolescence level. You will join a dynamic community of earth science education teachers, educators and researchers who engage and question 21st century critical issues in earth science education.

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Why Earth Science Education at UB?

The features of our program include:
  • addressing critical issues in earth science education
  • applying innovative teaching and learning approaches in the earth science education classroom
  • designing and conducting research related to assessment, equity, inclusion, inquiry and technology
  • developing and administering assessment methods appropriate for earth science education contexts
  • understanding the environmental, psychological and social conditions of earth science education teaching and learning

To be eligible for this program, you must have majored in or completed 30 credit hours in EARTH SCIENCE.

Earth Science Education Programs

Initial Initial / Professional Professional

Program Overview

Academic credential granted Certificate of Advanced Study (CAS)
Certification option Successful completion of program leads to an institutional recommendation for NYS Initial Certification in Earth Science Education
Grade levels 7 to 12
Credits required for completion 33
Time to completion 2 full-time semesters
Course delivery On campus
Career opportunities
  • Earth science teacher
  • Corporate trainer
  • Museum and environmental organization work
  • Science and curriculum specialist
Clinical experience hours
  • 1 academic year (fall/spring) of student teaching
  • Additional clinical hours may be required prior to student teaching residency. This is based on academic program and opportunities for specific students
  • Academic advisors assist with outlining specific clinical requirements
Application deadline

Priority Deadlines

Feb. 1, then rolling until April 15


Content Distribution Prerequisites

This worksheet is intended as an advising tool to assist you in your planning. Use this worksheet to help you select courses during your undergraduate studies that will fulfill the content distribution prerequisites that are required by the Graduate School of Education.

Science Content Prerequisites Worksheet

Frequently Asked Questions

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