Childhood Education with an Emphasis in Literacy

Our childhood education with an emphasis on literacy program is an extension of the childhood education EdM program. This program leads to childhood education professional certification for grades 1–6. This program does not lead to certification as a New York State reading teacher.

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Why Childhood Education with an emphasis in Literacy at UB?

The features of our program include:

  • courses in primary, elementary and secondary reading; language, literacy and culture; and classroom literacy assessment
  • facilitation of classroom teachers' knowledge of the theories, methods and materials of reading, reading instruction, language, language instruction and classroom reading assessment
  • strengthening the normal EdM childhood education program with additional emphasis and study of classroom reading instruction and assessment
  • study of developmental readers, reading processes and reading instruction at the pre-school and emergent level, elementary grades and secondary grades; literacy and technology; adolescent literacy practices; language, literacy and culture; children's and young adult literature; and classroom reading assessment
  • use of laboratories, centers and projects that provide a rich variety of learning opportunities

To be eligible for this program, you must have an initial childhood grades 1-6 teaching certificate.

Professional Program Overview

Academic credential granted Master of Education (EdM)
Credits required for completion 33 to 36
Time to completion
4 to 5 part-time semesters

2 to 3 full-time semesters, if course scheduling allows
Course delivery On campus
Career opportunities Childhood education teacher
Application deadline Priority Deadlines
Fall/Summer: Feb. 1, then rolling
Spring: Nov. 1, then rolling

Literacy Programs

Did you know? We offer three master's programs, a doctoral program concentration and an advanced certificate.

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