Foreign and Second Language Education, PhD

Our doctoral program in foreign and second language education focuses on preparing you for research, teaching and administrative posts in colleges and universities, and for positions of educational leadership in the schools or in state education departments. The mission of our program is to foster the development of foreign/second/bilingual language education practitioners and researchers who can understand and analyze language teaching and learning, and language policy to improve language and content teaching and learning in diverse educational contexts.

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Why Foreign and Second Language Education at UB?

The features of our program include:

  • becoming familiar with groundbreaking inquiry processes and research methodologies
  • carrying out principled, meaningful and rigorous research and applying it to real-world educational challenges
  • collaborating with internationally recognized scholars who mentor students to engage in research studies
  • developing an understanding of language theory and an ability to thoughtfully apply this theory
  • engaging in scholarship that involves participation in the exchange of ideas and advancement of the field as a whole
  • preparing scholars and educational leaders to pursue careers in academia, and occupy positions of leadership in American and global universities and colleges

Program Overview

Academic credential granted Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)
Credits required for completion 72
Time to completion 4+ years
Course delivery On campus

You'll find our alumni leading their field as:

  • deans of schools of education
  • faculty and researchers in national and international universities and colleges
  • federal, state and districtwide administrators of English as a second language, foreign and multilingual education
  • international school administrators
  • provosts and deans of international education
  • scholars in foreign and second language education
Research Practicum 6 credits
Application deadline Fall: Jan. 1

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University Computing Standards

You are required to have daily access to a reliable broadband connection and a computer that meets university computing standards. You are also expected to have basic computer competency before beginning your coursework.