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Published June 5, 2018

GSE addresses the impact of summer on literacy skills

CLaRI offers summer literacy program for children

The Center for Literacy and Reading Instruction (CLaRI) at UB is a reading center that has provided reading services in Western New York since 1963. The center is a community resource for the assessment of children’s literacy development and individualized reading instruction, as well as a site for conducting literacy research.

One program offered by CLaRI during the summer months is “One-to-one Reading and Writing Sessions.” These are individualized tutoring sessions for children entering kindergarten through grade 12. In this program, certified literacy specialists provide instruction to meet each child’s unique literacy and learning needs.

“Summer is a critical time to engage children in reading and writing,” said Mary McVee, director of CLaRI. “There is long-standing research documenting what educators often call the 'summer slide.' Because the effects of summer slide are most pronounced for children who have the greatest needs, our summer programs target children reading and writing below grade level for additional help and support.”

Each tutoring session is one hour, which includes time for CLaRI clinicians to speak to parents about the instruction provided during that lesson and their child’s literacy progress. Parents also receive a brief summary sheet detailing the instruction that occurred, what the child excelled in, what the child still needs to work on and (if requested) homework.

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