GRE no longer required for graduate teacher and school librarianship certification programs


New York State Governor Kathy Hochul has signed into law a revision to SUNY admission requirements for graduate-level teacher and educational leader programs removing the requirement for a minimum score on the graduate record examination or similar testing measurement.

This action removes a barrier and helps pave the way for more students to pursue their passion for teaching.  Reforming the entry requirements for graduate teacher preparation programs opens the door to a career in teaching for talented students facing financial hardships and applicants from disadvantaged socioeconomic backgrounds. GRE tests are expensive – costing students hundreds of dollars. Time-consuming and costly test preparation services and materials add to the financial burden.

“There is plenty of research that suggests the GRE is not necessarily a good predictor of academic success. At a time where access to the test is even more challenging, due to COVID-19, and at a time when GSE has gone on the record as trying to actively challenge systems of oppressions, removing this barrier just makes good sense,” says Suzanne Rosenblith, PhD, dean and professor of the UB Graduate School of Education.

UB’s Graduate School of Education previously removed the same requirement for 14 academic programs that do not require professional licensure. This revision by the governor impacts an additional 51 graduate teacher preparation and school librarianship programs. GSE no longer requires standardized tests for any of its master's, doctoral or teacher education programs.