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To infinity and beyond!

The ECRC learns about space through hands-on activities


At the end of July, the UB Early Childhood Research Center’s Instagram account showcased their trip to outer space. From looking at satellite images to getting lost in the stars, there was always something to do. The children learned various facts about our moon, such as what its rocks look like and the fact that the moon has one-sixth of the earth’s surface gravity. This would explain why astronauts walk so funny when exploring the moon; nothing is holding them down!

All age groups got in on the fun, even the toddlers. They wore space masks to breathe in the galaxy’s thin air and wrote in “blue moon dust” to communicate with other life forms. With all the excitement, they almost forgot to keep the classroom’s space station running correctly.

UB’s Early Childhood Research Center did a fantastic job this summer combining learning and play to teach the children about space! The GSE community enjoys seeing what the children are up to, and Instagram is the perfect way to tag along on their adventures.

You can find these posts and more on the ECRC's Instagram page @ubearlychildhoodresearchcenter or by clicking on the photos below.