Six GSE faculty recently awarded prestigious NSF grants


In a significant stride toward advancing education and research, six of GSE’s esteemed faculty members have been awarded prestigious grants from the National Science Foundation (NSF), and are currently serving as principal investigators on projects poised to make substantial contributions to their respective fields. These groundbreaking projects span a diverse range of educational and scientific domains, showcasing GSE’s commitment to innovation and excellence.

"These projects, bridging foundational and applied research, bolster STEM education for youth and educators. With a steadfast focus on equity, they promote robust community engagement and address pressing real-world challenges," said X. Christine Wang, professor, director of the Fisher-Price Endowed Early Childhood Research Center and associate dean for interdisciplinary research. "These endeavors underscore GSE's commitment to pioneering solutions that advance educational equity.”

Virginia Flood.

PI: Virginia Flood

National Science Foundation
3 year grant

“Dialogic Gesture in Collaborative Sense Making in Physics”

Total: $497,798

Mary McVee.

PI: Mary McVee

National Science Foundation
3 year grant

“Elementary Teacher Professional Learning of Equitable Engineering Pedagogies for Multilingual Students”      

Total: $374,969

Chris Proctor.

PI: Christopher Proctor

National Science Foundation
2 year grant

“Designing a Residency-Based CS Teacher Preparation Program with a High School Community”   

Total: $277,284

Noemi Waight.

PI: Noemi Waight

National Science Foundation
3 year grant

“STEMcyclists: Black and Brown Youth Transforming STEM via Bikes”     

Total: $1,982,790

National Science Foundation
1 year grant

“RAPID: Co-Developing a Community-Based Science Education Curriculum Framework for Disaster Justice and Resilience: A Response to the 2022 Buffalo Blizzard”

Total: $100,000

X. Christine Wang.

PI: X. Christine Wang

National Science Foundation
1 year grant

“RAPID: Exploring an AI Literacies Framework for Young Children: A Delphi Study”

Total: $199,920

Amanda Winkelsas.

PI: Amanda Winkelsas

National Science Foundation
5 year grant

“Citizen Science Teachers: Noyce Residency Scholars Program for Western New York”

Total: $1,199,545