Fellowships and Scholarships

Presidential Fellows

The Presidential Fellowship Program, inaugurated in the fall of 1984, is awarded to new PhD applicants, who have a record of excellence. Students must be appointed as teaching, graduate or research assistants.

Sara Kieffer.

Sara Kieffer

Hometown: Long Beach, California

Program: Higher Education PhD

“My goal is to have a career that benefits students from ‘non-traditional’ backgrounds, either through research, policy-building or in a student-facing role. I believe I will be able to do this with the support of my fellowship, which has and will continue to provide the opportunity and resources for me to develop as an academic and a professional.”

Ziqi (Kathleen) Li.

Ziqi (Kathleen) Li

Hometown: Kunming, Yunnan, China

Program: Language Education and Multilingualism PhD

“My academic interests mainly center on community, identity and language learning. With the presidential fellowship, I intend to work closely with schools and institutions to increase educational opportunities for international students and promote equity in language education.”

Yeshi Paljor.

Yeshi Paljor

Hometown: Tibet/Dharamshala, India

Program: Curriculum, Instruction and the Science of Learning PhD

“At seven, I was displaced from my family in Tibet, finding refuge in the Tibetan exile community in India. This fellowship is a pivotal opportunity, offering personal growth, academic development and community impact. Being part of the dynamic UB GSE community is an honor. I’m proud and grateful for this chance to enhance my knowledge and skills, enabling me to contribute more to my goals and community.”

Reza Nahid Sahlan.

Reza Nahid Sahlan

Hometown: Tabriz, Iran

Program: Counseling Psychology and School Psychology PhD

“Overall, I am potentially interested in studying eating disorders among adolescents, college students and pregnant women. I am eager to continue my research work. Furthermore, I am interested in being involved in therapy using evidence-based treatments for those who report eating disorders. I have a plan to apply to United States universities to become an assistant professor and start supervising students. Being a fellow provides me with additional support for my professional growth, allowing me to maximize the benefits of my graduate school experience.”

Silvia Zumaglini.

Silvia Zumaglini

Hometown: Biella, Italy

Program: Counseling Psychology and School Psychology PhD

“My professional aspirations are becoming a school psychologist and staying involved in meaningful research projects. I am passionate about learning how to best support young people and helping them succeed in and out of school. Being a fellow and student in the combined school and counseling psychology program allows me to pursue all of these goals.”

UB Graduate School Fellows

The UB Graduate School Fellowship helps fund outstanding graduate students at UB.

Weiyi Ding.

Weiyi Ding

Hometown: Wuxi, China

Program: Educational Psychology and Quantitative Methods PhD

“I would like to enhance school engagement for international students by identifying and addressing current problems of parental support among parents from different countries. This scholarship helps me to better prepare for my doctoral degree and allows me to step further in the research field.”

Blessed Mhungu.

Blessed Mhungu

Hometown: Harare, Zimbabwe

Program: Curriculum, Instruction and the Science of Learning PhD

“My ambition is to be a college professor, a beacon of inspiration for others, regardless of their background. With the GSE fellowship, I aspire to make quality education accessible to students from marginalized communities, just as I came from, and I pledge to introduce the concept of ‘UBUNTU’ to the USA. UBUNTU is a term steeped in South African culture, emphasizing the interconnectedness of humanity in all our endeavors.”

Najat Sghyar.

Najat Sghyar

Hometown: Casablanca, Morocco

Program: Language Education and Multilingualism PhD

“I want to show the world how amazing Moroccan students are at learning multiple languages. The fellowship allows me to do impactful research on Moroccan public education. As we say back home: set your intentions. Dir niya!”

Arthur Schomburg Fellows

UB’s Arthur A. Schomburg Fellowship Program provides financial support for master’s and doctoral students who contribute to the diversity of the student body, and have overcome a disadvantage or other barrier to success in higher education.

Daphanie Bibbs.

Daphanie Bibbs

Hometown: Chicago, Illinois

Program: Curriculum, Instruction and the Science of Learning PhD

“My academic and professional goals include launching a research study that lends perspective on how Black history is taught by non-Black teachers, constructing a platform for school administrators and teachers to embed Black history education throughout the academic year, and pursuing professorship to instruct, motivate and advise pre-service teachers. Being an Arthur A. Schomburg fellow will greatly impact the lives of my daughter Amiyah, and Black girls and Black women whom I intend to advocate for throughout this journey.”

Kiana Jean-Baptiste.

Kiana Jean-Baptiste

Hometown: Fairburn, Georgia

Program: Counseling Psychology and School Psychology PhD

“I aspire to pursue a tenured faculty position and conduct research related to queer people of color (QPOC). Further, I intend to engage in social action aimed at deconstructing oppressive systems and promoting equity for the population. This fellowship provides me with the means to pursue academic endeavors that will prepare me to enter spaces where I can enact such change.”

Robyn Lelito.

Robyn Lelito

Hometown: Buffalo, New York

Program: Counseling Psychology and School Psychology PhD

“My research goals center on Indigenous and LGBTQ2S+ competent psychological treatment, intersectionality, trauma, resilience, protective factors and access to care. I hope to use this research to provide quality care to these populations. Being a fellow means having the privilege to access resources that support my research and training to provide quality services to marginalized and underrepresented populations.”

Lino Loja.

Lino Loja

Hometown: Sleepy Hollow, New York

Program: Educational Psychology and Quantitative Methods PhD

“There are several challenges that minority children face throughout their lives that I feel get overlooked. Although being a Schomburg fellow helps me tremendously in various ways, I believe it has a strong impact on the future of minority families and their children’s education. I say this because that’s my goal at the end of this: to help as many minority children as I can in my life.”

Aminah Raysor.

Aminah Raysor

Hometown: Gaithersburg, Maryland

Program: Language Education and Multilingualism PhD

“I aspire to help improve pre-service K-12 World Language (WL) teacher development through autoethnographic research methods, examining interest convergence theory and linguistic capital in WL education. This fellowship has created the ideal experiential learning environment for my academic and professional goals.”

Richard Williams.

Richard Williams

Hometown: Locust Grove, Georgia

Program: Curriculum, Instruction and the Science of Learning PhD

“My scholastic goal is to collaboratively discover and create a pedagogy of compassion while practicing healing and community. I am an individual who lives their divergent abilities out loud and in audacious invitation for those around me to practice community and healing together. The fellowship has an immediate impact on my work by affirming the practice and process, while simultaneously enabling me to connect and practice compassion, curiosity and learning with the UB and broader Buffalo community.”