Carla Jungquist Recognized as Gold Foundation Champion of Humanistic Care

Carla Jungquist.

Published May 20, 2021

Carla Jungquist, PhD, ANP-BS, FAAN, associate professor and adult/gerontology program coordinator in the UB School of Nursing, is being honored as a Gold Foundation Champion of Humanistic Care for her work during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Jungquist has volunteered for several community efforts and initiatives since the onset of the pandemic. Guided by her passion for serving underserved communities, and understanding the vital role nurses play in community outreach, she registered for volunteer opportunities through Monroe County’s COVID-19 volunteer website. Jungquist conducted home visits for COVID-19 positive patients.

As an expert in respiratory depression and the importance of respiratory monitoring, Jungquist identified a need for home medical equipment that could transmit patient data – with no existing FDA approved at-home equipment that could address this issue, Jungquist, who had learned about a simple device a Texas couple had developed to monitor their child’s health condition, knew the device could be used for COVID-19 patients. She wrote a letter of support to the FDA; subsequently, the product was approved and is being manufactured in Texas.

As the vaccine rollout gained steam, Jungquist delivered vaccine injections and provided medical oversight for vaccine clinics in Ontario County, NY, and subsequently returned to Monroe County to promote and administer vaccines in high-risk, underserved communities, including going door-to-door, to sign up residents for the vaccine.

Jungquist, who was inspired by her students’ own work during the pandemic, and her decades of experience as a nurse, continues to be a vital asset in the many community efforts to curb the virus.

“It takes a village of dedicated people and volunteers to combat infectious diseases,” says Jungquist. “Nurses are role models who have always stepped up to address suffering and improve the health of others.”

Jungquist will be recognized during the Gold Foundation’s virtual gala on June 10, 2021.

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