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GSE student presenting her research.

Published April 30, 2019

Student research symposium addresses social justice and diversity issues

An opportunity for students to share their research with students and faculty

Students in the Graduate School of Education held their annual research symposium to address research and practice that is contributing to the field of multiculturalism. This event is completely organized by students from the departments of Counseling, School and Educational Psychology (CSEP); Educational Leadership and Policy (ELP); Information Science; and Learning and Instruction (LAI). The title of this year’s symposium was “United We Stand, Divided We Fall: Centering Diversity and Social Justice in our Research Field and Practice.”  

Shuyi Zhao, a doctoral student from ELP enjoys presenting her research because she likes to receive feedback and share her findings with other students. “These symposiums help us share our ideas and these ideas may someday become projects,” Zhao said. “I have received some important criticisms from presenting in the past and it encourages me to improve my research ability, so I can come back the next year to impress.”

Student presentations at the 26th annual symposium addressed theories, models and empirical practices that further the role of educational institutions in today’s society. Presenters were encouraged to envision their work as a critical conversation for improving educational experiences for every student.

“It is helpful to see the research that is being conducted outside of your department,” said Alyssa Button, a master’s student from CSEP. “This event is also relevant to our department, as I find it important to be updated with ongoing research in many different areas.”

The symposium challenges students to reimagine the possibilities of 21st century education through the lens of their own research. Through this event, students can enhance their research relevant to their field of study. GSE strives to inspire innovative ways for students to bridge the gap between research and practice.

“The symposium is a great opportunity to share your research with faculty, students and even a larger audience within and beyond GSE,” said Christine Chang, a doctoral student from LAI. Chang noted that the audience could have a chance to learn the same education issue from two different perspectives. “For instance, the other presenter and I were both addressing bullying issues in education, but I focused more on the qualitative analysis as a LAI doctoral student and the other student focused more on the quantitative analysis as a CSEP doctoral student.”

“I believe an event like this is important for GSE students in particular because we can step out of our bubble and see what research other students in our school are conducting,” said Michelle Corieri, a master’s student from CSEP. “Seeing significant contributions in research from other students . . . motivates me to have the same impact.”

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