Literacy Teaching and Learning, AC

Our advanced certificate program in literacy teaching and learning is tailored to provide educational professionals with enhanced expertise in the foundational aspects of literacy learning and teaching. Our students gain a deeper understanding of the principles and practices essential for effective literacy instruction to further their career in education. Our program is ideal for anyone certified to teach in the areas of early childhood, childhood, adolescence or related educational areas (e.g., teaching English language learners, special education).

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Why choose UB's program?

  1. You'll learn to design research evaluations of literacy programs and disseminate current research.
  2. The program emphasizes teaching and learning across diverse cultural, linguistic, and socioeconomic backgrounds, with an additional focus on grant writing.
  3. Students benefit from a variety of professional development opportunities.  


Academic credential granted Advanced Certificate (AC)
Credits required for completion 15
Time to completion 2 full-time semesters
Course delivery On campus
Application deadline Priority Deadlines
Spring: Nov. 1, then rolling until Dec. 1
Fall: Feb. 1, then rolling until July 15

The Value of an Advanced Certificate

In today’s dynamic professional environment, continuous self-improvement is essential for career success. Advancements, competition and evolving landscapes require professionals to maintain current, industry-relevant knowledge, skills, and competencies. Advanced certificates can complement completed degrees or serve as standalone credentials. Regardless of your chosen path, an advanced certificate offers additional knowledge and opportunities to refine professional skills, facilitating career advancement. They offer a flexible, accessible and cost-effective educational route to pursue career goals and remain competitive.

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Did you know? We offer three master's programs, a doctoral program concentration and an advanced certificate.

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