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Cover Story | Literacy Education

Unraveling the intricacies of learning to read and write requires persistence, patience and unyielding curiosity—all qualities of the committed scientist intent on discovery. Researchers in the Department of Learning and Instruction display these characteristics as they study methods to bolster children’s literacy achievement and understand its many facets. In their quest, they draw on GSE’s decades-long tradition of researching this critical issue, reaching out to the community with well-tested programs through the Center for Literacy and Reading Instruction.

A letter from Dean Suzanne Rosenblith to the Graduate School of Education alumni, students, faculty, staff and community.

Amanda Nickerson, PhD secures grant to continue building youth resiliency and implement bystander intervention training.

A program that encourages kids' interest in STEM through biking has received a $2 million grant from the National Science Foundation.

Raechele Pope has spent her career focus on the academic milieu: helping college students develop beyond academics while also training her energy on higher education administration. Her emphasis—on addressing diversity, equity and inclusion—has brought her to a place where she is thoroughly steeped in the field.

When parents send their children to school, it is likely that tragic school shootings are on the forefront of their minds. A question everyone is asking is: How can we keep our children safe from violence? As researchers who study school safety, we offer some advice – and cautions - for parents in talking to their children.


Julie Gorlewski, PhD addresses the impact teacher shortages on students and school districts and discusses effective strategies for addressing this national crisis.

Dive into a diverse array of topics! Discover the latest books and chapters authored by the distinguished faculty, dedicated alumni and talented students of the UB GSE community.

Daphanie Bibbs’ perseverance, compassion and lived experience have taken her a long way. Her experience, being a Black girl, and at 20, a young Black mother, have honed her research interests to include the intersection of Black girlhood and Black motherhood.

Claribel González, language education and multilingualism doctoral student shares her perspective on bilingual students’ linguistic and semiotic repertoires while developing computational literacies in dual language classrooms.

Bullying has long been an evolving societal injustice that can lead to lifelong implications for those on the receiving end of the abuse. That’s why the subject has been a career-long area of concern and action for Kathryn Jens, PhD ’78, MA ’75.

Rachael and Michael Krupski founded the gluten-free Silly Yak. Rachael, a 2021 alumna of GSE’s higher education and student affairs master’s program, was diagnosed with celiac disease in 2021 and saw a need for more gluten-free dining options.

GSE is now offering one of the first computer science teacher preparation programs in New York State.  

Hand holding an autumn leaf.

GSE’s marketing and communications team began a journey in 2023 to create short-form videos on YouTube.

The bookmark is still a necessity for those that prefer turning paper to swiping a digital page.

A recap of what's been happening around GSE in the '24 spring semester.

Here are some of the latest news headlines showcasing our esteemed faculty, dedicated students, and accomplished alumni.

Catch up on what past classmates have been up to personally and professionally.

Remembering members of the GSE community.

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Spring 2024  •  Issue 8

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